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If there be Thorns by V.C Andrews - a review.

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Part 1 Title: If there be Thorns Author: V.C Andrews # of pages: 371 Publisher: Pocket Books Copyright Date: 1981 Part 2 This novel is about how one little boy named Bart, found out that his family was not what it seemed to be. It starts out when Bart and Jory, his brother, are outside playing when they see this old lady moving in next door. One day Bart went over her house and she asked him to come back again and talk with him. She said she is a very lonely lady and she needed to have someone to play with like a son she never had. So Bart kept coming over every day but he had to sneak out to come. He wanted to keep the old lady a secret because he felt that Jory got all the attention and he wanted someone of his own. Bart's parents are Cathy and Chris. Chris is his step dad. His real dad was a ballet dancer who danced with Cathy around the world. He was also Cathy's first husband. His mom owns a Ballet studio which she spends most of her time. Bart feels that she does not spend enough time with him and he feels she hates him. One time when Bart went over to the old lady's house, a butler started talking to him. He told him stories about Bart's family and that the old lady was really his grandmother. Bart's parents told him his grandmother was in a mental hospital. He does not quite believe all the stories that the Butler is telling him so he does not take it seriously. The old lady and Bart end up becoming very close to one another. She tells him she will buy him anything he wants, so she buys him a dog that he named Apple. One day in the Barn Bart was feeding Apple when the butler, John Amos, comes in and gives Bart a diary of the great Malcolm Foxworth. ...read more.


Bart is in the back yard with Cindy. She is playing in the sandbox when Bart sees her hair. He takes his scissors and chops of all her hair. Then he says it now looks short, stubby, and ugly like mine. The Last Dance- In this chapter Cathy and Jory are getting ready for there performance. When it starts Cathy looks out into the audience for Chris but she does not find him. She also did not tell Chris that she was dancing two parts. Just before Jory's and Cathy's duet, Jory saw Chris and Bart in the audience. Jory could tell that Cathy's knee was hurting because of the look on her face. When she landed her jump, Jory saw that her ribbon was undone on one of her points. She did not step on it but someone else did. Cathy came crashing on the stage hitting her knee. At the hospital she was told that she can never dance again and that she had to be in a wheelchair for a while. Another Grandmother- In this chapter Cathy decides instead of dancing she will write a book. Chris and Jory have a talk, then soon after they go out the front door and up towards the big mansion. When they arrive the butler lets them in and the grandmother sat in the chair waiting for them. Chris asked her questions but she did not answer them. Then Chris noticed her rings, he saw them before. It was his mother. She had been released from the hospital a year earlier. She told him that she only came to be a part of his family again. She wanted Bart to be a son to her. Ever Since Eve- In this chapter Jory's real grandmother came. Marisha. She insisted on staying somewhere close to town and she insisted on selling her own dance studio and moving to teach at Cathy's since she could not dance anymore. ...read more.


It's sad she died but it shows that Corrine changed her selfish ways. I did not like how Bart became evil. It's sad that history had to repeat itself in the same way. Someone evil always had to torment Cathy. Telling her she was sinful and she was the devils spawn. Making her believe that she had to prove herself in her actions. Dancing gave her an excuse to get back at her mother, showing her mother what her daughter had become and what she is not. When she could not dance she wrote the book to get back at her mother. She wrote her childhood in the attic and how she had to suffer still in her later days. Once published her mother would read it and see how horrible she was. Bart's mind was perturbed into thinking he was something he was not. His mind started to be more like Malcolm which punished Cathy. Overall the story had good aspects and bad aspects. The good outweigh the bad by just a smidge. I thought the story would be better due to the first and second novels before this one. It ended up the opposite. The stories before this one were much better. There is not much the story could have gone by because already so much has happened to their family it would not seem real if to much more happened. The story kind of leaves you hanging because at the very end of the story it says that the journal of Malcolm was burned in the fire but Bart has a look alike that he reads in the corner of the room. He mouths the words of what it says but the freaky thing is all the pages are empty. He must have memorized what all the words said. Therefore actually believing what Malcolm said otherwise he would not be wasting his time on it. He might turn bad again in the fourth novel. ...read more.

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