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If you were directing Act 2 Scene 2, what would you want the audience to be aware of, and how might you draw their attention to these things?

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Macbeth Coursework If you were directing Act 2 Scene 2, what would you want the audience to be aware of, and how might you draw their attention to these things? The play Macbeth is a tragedy, where the main character Macbeth is persuaded by three witches and his wife to kill the king, at the end of the play Macbeth dies a violent death. In the previous scene, Act 2 Scene 1, before going to kill King Duncan, Macbeth tests one of his friend's, Banquo, to see how loyal he might be in the future. In this scene, we can see a contrast between Banquo and Macbeth. This is because Banquo tells Macbeth how he is troubled by the witches: `I dreamt last night of the three weird sisters' (Act 2.1:line 20), Banquo here is telling the truth about the witches. Banquo asks Macbeth if the witches have troubled him, Macbeth lies and says: `I think not of them' (Act 2.1:line 21), he says he does not think of them. By saying this, it makes the audience think that the character Macbeth is a liar and a deceiver where Banquo is seen as an honest man. ...read more.


I had most need of blessing... (Act 2:2 Line 27-28). There is an emotional part in the scene, because Macbeth is telling Lady Macbeth how he needed the blessing the most but could not say `Amen'. I will have a close up shot of Macbeth to show his emotion. At the end of the scene, there is a knocking, I will make it a constant knocking which creates a lot of tension and also awakens Macbeth's conscience. As the scene is at night, I will set the whole scene is total darkness. I will use chiaroscuro lighting for this scene, this is light from only one light source. I want this so whichever character is talking or we are looking at will have the light on them, I am going to do this because I want the audience to see only that character and concentrate on that character and not other characters. Also by using this type of light on the characters it will emphasize their sinister nature, which will give an eerie feeling to the audience. The character Macbeth, is no longer seen as a `worthy gentleman', I will put Macbeth is half light and half darkness to try and saw he is bad person, corrupted with greed. ...read more.


His facial expression will be lost, can't believe what he has just done and very frightened. He will be wearing dark clothes covered in blood. As the scene progresses, Macbeth is losing all control over himself. The significance of Macbeth not being able to say `Amen' had a great effect on the play, because we know that Macbeth has disturbed the natural order and this is known at as a great sin. By saying `Amen', he wanted the blessing of god to commit his sin. But as he was about to kill the person known closest to god, he could not be given a blessing, this also relates to the voice he heard: `Macbeth does murder sleep...' (Act 2:2 line 33), there are two meaning to this, one is Macbeth will never be able to sleep again and the other is he has killed the sleeping King. When Macbeth is trying to hide his evil deed by washing his hands which are covered in blood. I will have him scrubbing his hands, muttering the same line over and over again: `Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood clean from my hand' (Act 2:3 line 63-63. The reason I want it like this, because I think the audience will think he is going mad, that this sin has had a great effect on him. ...read more.

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