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Imaginative essay

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IMAGINATIVE ESSAY ANYONE CAN BECOME "A KING" My name is Alaric. I am a dog, but I feel like a human; because I stayed with humans for the first 3 years of my life, a really good experience where I learnt to care for people and also learnt the language "English." Today I cannot speak but with my dog clan and other animals I can speak it. From young age I had a burning desire within to become the king of a place like the lions ruled the jungles. I was left in solitude by the humans after the three good years I spent with them, which bought a lot of sorrow in my life. Prior to this I was found by a dog clan which resided in the hills of "Zulu": one of the most dangerous places to reside in. The lions were the kings at that time and the king at that time was "King Kane." ...read more.


Along with us the rabbits, rats, elephants and giraffes were convinced about the act. The matter was taken to court, but the case was inexplicable with no evidence available. Christen was proved innocent and later christen oppressed the animals against him and threw them out of his territory. It was a sad day for the elephants, giraffes, rabbits, rats and the dogs as their beloved ruler were killed and they were now homeless with no one to provide shelter. But at that time the "Colo" kingdom ruled by the giraffes. They were not really strong but had a good environment to live in. We explained the matter to them and they provided shelter or us as they were friendly with the giraffes that were with us. We had to find a way to overpower Christen so that Zulu becomes a safe place to live in. Therefore it was decided that we should announce war, but after we had a good and able army to defeat Christen. ...read more.


Every dog and every rat and rabbit was given swords according to their respective sizes and the giraffes and the elephants were given armour which would only break when hit by 6000 arrows and swords at once. Christen was shocked by looking at the animal army in front of him in the battlefield. He now knew why he had been attacked by them. He could see defeat in front of his eyes. A lot of bloodshed happened but in the end I killed Christen. It was decided by the ACOL (animal council of laws) that whosoever, who kills the king in the battlefield will be announced king. Therefore I was king. My dream had come true as I was the king now and justice had returned to Zulu. All the kingdoms were safe now. Everyone lived happily, and I had created history in the "Zephyr: the book of history" to become the first dog king. Today I look back and I remember only one thing and that was "ANYONE CAN BECOME A KING." ...read more.

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