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Imaginative Fairytale coursework

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Once upon a time there lived a King and Queen from Scotland who were expecting a child. On that fateful day the Queen gave birth to a gorgeous young girl and decided to name her Jessica. However, during labour the Queen passed away. Without his wife, the King felt as if he was dying until cupid worked his magic once again and he fell in love with a Spanish princess, Loretta. She was truly beautiful, her eyes glowed brighter than the stars and her hair was as smooth as silk. However, she was selfish, vain and did not seem to care about Jessica. As Jessica grew up she became more and more beautiful and was nicknamed Rose-Red as she developed these lush and tender bright red lips.. Then one day Jessica met a handsome young prince who startled her, she was quite scared so she ran away from him but he knew from that point that she was his destiny. Jessica's stepmother envied her and every day she would ask her magic mirror this: "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all?" and every day the mirror would reply "why you of course your majesty." until one day it answered "I'm afraid Jessica has surpassed your beauty your majesty." ...read more.


All five men were amazed at her beauty and were speechless. One of the men mumbled "Your Pretty." and she responded anxiously "Thank you, will it be all right if I spend the night here, my stepmother is trying to kill me." another of the men muttered "Of course you can, you stay as long as you like." So once Jessica settled in she offered to cook and clean for them as it was the least she felt she could do. So Jessica cleaned the whole house top to bottom and after she finished she went to the shop to buy some food and cooked a wonderful meal for them. After that Jessica decided to find out more about the dwarfs. "So what do you do all day?" she asked. One of the men called Druggy replied "Well I go out and deal drugs, Alcoholic goes to the pub all day, Smoky, well he smokes all day, Lazy just sits on the street corner gathering loose change and dopey just roams around doing nothing." Jessica replied "Oh I see that's how you got your names then, Well my name's Jessica but some people call me Rose-red." It was getting very late now so they all decided to go to sleep. ...read more.


Druggy overdoses on drugs, Alcoholic dies of liver failure, Smoky dies of lung cancer, Lazy dies of a heart attack and Dopey hangs himself. After the prince, that Rose-red ran away from, hears about the news he travels to Wrexham as quickly as he can to see her one last time. The prince rushes to her coffin opens it up and plants a kiss on her forehead. He whispers to himself "Goodbye my princess, I thought we could have had something, I thought you were the one." As he walks away he notices she twitches her hand three times and realises that she might not be dead. He walks back up to her and nervously says "Hello, hello, are you awake, can you hear me?" Rose-red twitches again and answers croakily "hello, who are you? Am I dreaming?" The Prince is thrilled and proclaims "It is I, the prince, we met a while back and no its all real, thank God." The prince helps her out of the coffin and they go off together to pursue Rose-red's dream to live in France where they get married and have two children. They all lived happily ever after, well, apart from Rose-red's evil stepmother who locked herself in her in her sauna where she burned right down to fiery depths of Hell. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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