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Imaginative Writing

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IMAGINATIVE WRITING It was a hot August night, and I couldn't get to sleep. That night was one that I would never be able to forget for the rest of my life. It all started when I woke up from a terrible nightmare to find my best friend Christopher, sprawled across the floor, having fallen from his bed. "Can't get to sleep either?" I asked him. "No, you as well?" came his reply. I got out of bed and made my way towards the door. "Want to go for a walk?" I inquired. "Yeah, why not," he replied. Electricity was buzzing through the air. That night was one that I would never be able to forget for as long as I lived. It all started when I felt a fierce breeze and all the hairs on the back of my neck pricked up. I heard a low rumbling sound. At first, I tried to ignore it and continue walking, but then it grew more and more distinct. ...read more.


It carried a peculiar looking weapon, as long as a hockey stick, and as thick as the wall I was hiding behind. It also wore a black helmet, which shielded its face from view. I had never seen any gear, weapon or armour of that sort before, and possibly no one in the entire history of man had either. Christopher inquired, "Do you reckon he is the leader?" I had guessed it was the leader, as it signalled intentionally towards the spacecraft and almost instantly, more of its kind poured out. "There are hundreds of them!" I said, informing Christopher of the danger. They all wore almost identical gear to their leader, except they wore cerulean blue helmets instead. As they marched into position, Christopher asked, "What's that on their shoulders?" Just as I noticed an emblem on all their weaponry, it was an eagle, noble and courageous. They continued to mobilize their troops, as though inexhaustible. The thought that had never occurred to me was that they could have come from the future. ...read more.


There were doors as far as the eye could see all different shapes and sizes. There were square ones, circular ones, and even triangular ones, all multi coloured. One particular door caught my attention though. It was sort of rhombus shaped, coloured bright orange with strange inscriptions wrote on it in black. 'What are these creatures?' I thought to myself. What strange language were all these inscriptions from? Suddenly I heard the indistinguishable cries of Christopher, screaming "Please, please don't hurt me, I'm begging you." The sounds of a drill or similar appliance echoed through the chambers. Then silence. As I got up, the lights immediately flicked on. I was not in a room after all, I had been held captive by aliens in a laser force-field contrapment! Chances of escape looked minimal as I frantically shouted for help, but to my dismay, none came. Maybe this was the end for me. What ill fate awaited Christopher? Would I ever see him again? Would I ever see the earth again? Would I ever meet my family again? Or was I doomed to spend eternity, rotting away in this laser-lined cell? ...read more.

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