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Imaginative writing (George)/writing to describe (Harley Davidson)

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English Coursework - Transcripts for Tape (Both of these were part of the assigned coursework) (1) Imaginative Piece of Writing Characters from Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck George now has a wife, Rose and 2 kids. He wakes up every night remembering that he murdered Lennie. Darn flies, *splat* mmph better get up *yawn* and go get a glass of water otherwise I'll never get to sleep again. *Walks downstairs* Stupid creaking stairs ooo the lino's cold. Glass Glass Glass, right Water, mmm that was nice. Feels cold in here..........where the heck's that draft comin' from......*huff* windows open, I told Rose to close that. *Looks out window* Crops lookin' good, I'll get ol' big red out the barn tomorrow and start cuttin' it down. *Thinks about Lennie* Lennie would have like this place........he could have helped me with the crops......pushed the kids on the swing in the old apple tree.....and al' the animals would have kept him happy.........he would have loved the rabbits that run free al' over the farm. ...read more.


*Talks quietly to Rose* Rose, I couldn't sleep so I went and got a glass of water. *Whispers" Were you thinking of Lennie? Yeah George, you could have a garden with rabbits and other things that Lennie liked, then when you can't sleep, you could go there and think about him. *Thinks about Lennie's garden and replies happily* Yeah, that's a great idea, I'll get the kids to help me make Lennie's garden tomorrow. What would I do without you Rose. *Switches off light* Night Darlin' Night George *Rose Kisses George on check* (2) Writing to describe (Harley Davidson Motorbikes) Harley Davidson are a company that make motorbikes. The company was formed in 1903 in Milwaukee, by William Harley and Arthur Davidson. To begin with Harley Davidson produced push-bikes but in 1903 they made their first motorbike, the racer. ...read more.


When you buy a Harley Davidson you not only get a piece of the American dream you also gain entry to the exclusive Harley Owners Group, HOG, where you can make friends with other proud owners. All other Britain different Chapters of owners get together and ride to seaside towns in the Southwest. At these rallies bikers get together to admire each others bikes. Many have specialist artwork, such as Wolfs and Eagles, on their bikes and clothing Harley Davidson also make merchandise that feature their many designs. Merchandise such as: Jackets, T-shirts, Hats and Wallets. Harley Davidson have various logos. Many of them have the American Eagle, which is a symbol of power and freedom. Most of the logos feature strong bold designs in black and orange. Harley Davidson give people excitement and danger which contrasts with their normal boring everyday life. My advice to you is to go and buy a Harley Davidson fuel your imagination. Go on, make it happen, there's no time like the present. ...read more.

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