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Imaginative Writing - Killer Trees

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We crept, as a group, down the small hole into a dark yet expansive cavern. We moved slowly forward, not knowing where to place our feet or what we would step into next. I lifted my foot to knee height and plunged it into the darkness below. I felt a soft yet oddly slimy landing (quite unlike the hard stone that welcomed us at the entrance). I let out a yell of surprise and panic. I quickly removed my foot and fell into the person behind me. "What, What was that thing?!" I gasped out between panicked breaths. "Who cares? Keep going" Someone whispered back. Even though they were whispering I could tell that they would've shouted, if that were feasible. They pushed my back to keep me walking. I felt my way around the cavern until we came to a fork in the path. We took the left path and I continued to lead the group through the darkness that threatened to eat us if we were left behind. After 20 minutes of walking I saw a light flickering from around the next corner. My pace quickened and I willed myself to get to the light. I rounded the bend in a near run. My face had a permanent smile on it from reaching my goal. I looked around and found myself in a circular room. ...read more.


"Naturally we cannot fight these monsters without appropriate weapons. Thus, we will be acquiring the technology necessary to hold our own." He paused and looked over the group, observing their faces. I looked round at my fellows to see their faces reflecting fear and uncertainty. I was feeling much the same way. "The trees do share one characteristic with those of the past: They are vulnerable to fire. Therefore, first we will be liberating the technology needed to create flame weapons. That is, flamethrowers and explosives. From there we will get supplies from the old stores we had before we were driven underground. How we go about recovering these items is really a personal choice. There's no definitive way to do it." "How will we know where these things are? How will we be able to avoid these trees?" The question came. "I will provide you with a map before you leave and you can travel at night as trees will not be as active then. They get their energy from the Sun and that will not be up from dusk til dawn." Lucas strolled over to a small indent in the wall and removed 3 sacks. He brought these to us and handed them out to a tall man with dark hair and a shorter woman with long blonde hair. ...read more.


we met a tree" I began to explain, "and I stood on it's roots but when I did it didn't attack, it just looked as if it were in pain, as if it were dying" As all those around me accepted my words their faces twisted into expressions of bewildered hope. Hope that we'd found another way to kill these things yet bewildered because no one had any idea what this meant for us. As everyone lay down for the night and began to fall asleep, still pondering what their new lives would be, I left the cave alone. I strolled back to the book depository and took the lift to the roof. I stepped out onto the roof, 10 storeys up, and walked to the edge. I looked out over the city, that my knowledge of elementary history told me was Dallas, with dismay. I saw the trees slowly stalking along the streets, slashing at anything they came across...even if that was each other. I sat on the ledge and surmised the situation I was in. Buildings being attacked and humans sneaking about as if we were insects, foraging for food, trying to find one way of surviving, for becoming the dominant species once again. 'Is this the world we wanted?' I thought to myself, 'is this the world our technology created? A world where our technology has destroyed itself. Where would we go from here? How did we get here? Are humans just an error in history's page that needs to be erased?' ...read more.

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