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Imaginative writing

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IMAGINATIVE WRITING The rope is tightly bound around my arms; tape is stuck to my lips. I can't move. There are huge men either side of me; both of them looking at me making me feel intimidated. I am scared. Still looking around me, it is as if I am in a plane. My stomach starts to move up my chest as I look out the window. We are landing. But where? I am pushed forcefully to the floor. The door rushes open as I am kicked out of the plane. Two other men are waiting on this island for me. One of them picks me up as I fight to try and get out of this tight grip. Suddenly a sharp pain in my neck. Looking to see what is happening. He injects me with something. I start to get dizzy. I fall asleep. Woken up to the horrible pain of tape being ripped of my face. I start screaming. "HELP! PLEASE! Where am I?" ...read more.


Looking at the man I can still see nothing but his eyes and teeth. And the shape of his teeth suggests that he has an evil grin. Trying to get myself to snap out of this nightmare, I couldn't. I don't have a clue why I am here. I stutter. "Why are there sharks? Am I going to die?" "Are you afraid yet?" "YES! I was afraid when I woke up on the plane." "Good." He whispers close to my ear. A shiver is going through my spine when he speaks. "PLEASE? Tell me why there are sharks?" "You do not need to know that at the moment." Gazing into this tank, there are bones and bits which seem to be from a human sitting in the bottom of this tank. I'm looking at the faces of these fearsome creatures, they have huge white pointed teeth and big grey fins. The size of them overwhelms me. I see my reflection in their eyes as they swim around the tank like lunatics. Still thinking to myself why I am here in the first place. "HELP! HELP!" ...read more.


"This is for my brother. You killed him. YOU KILLED HIM!" I can barely move my jaw because it is so sore. "I never killed anyone. I promise" "I DON'T TRUST YOU!" "I have seriously never harmed a soul. Please just believe me." "NO! NOW SHUT UP" I start to cry knowing that I have never killed anyone and I do not deserve this. If only they knew the truth. I close my eyes and count to ten hoping that they will believe me soon. I open them again the pain has stopped. I start to feel something again. Look around and we are above the tank of sharks. My eyes follow a path of blood. It is coming from me. It is dripping into the tank. I know that the blood will send these sharks crazy. "Please! I CARE NOW! I WANT TO LIVE!" "Tough" Suddenly I see two big spikes come through my rib cage. I am getting weaker and weaker. I feel nothing. These spikes pick me up and drag me over the tank, into which my blood is pouring. My life flashes before me. I see my loved ones. Then I start moving towards the Light. I touch it. ...read more.

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