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Imagine a world where anything is possible.

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Original Writing Imagine a world where anything is possible. Watch the clouds float by. See a city, pass through the streets crowded by a happy, cheerful people. Come to a square, a market full of haggling customers and bartering vendors. Follow a path north to the grander houses built with sweeping, elegant architecture. Look up towards a hill and an elephantine castle swarmed with towers topped with flying banners of green and gold. Look closer towards the closest tower, at the balcony. A crowd of people cheering in the courtyard. See the family standing looking down on their subjects below, apart from the teenage boy gazing out into space. His hair is short and blond, his skin pale. ...read more.


Whyte and Leo followed along behind them. The entrance hall was a buzz of activity the entire school of mage-craft had filled the hall for the occasion and as the royal family entered the grand doors swung open and a man dressed in finery. Laughing the King welcomed his brother with open arms and led him into the dinning hall. Everyone had arrived for the evening's dinner. It was a Whyte birthday. He was going to be sixteen the day after tomorrow and the King had announced a three day public holiday to celebrate his son's coming of age. Tonight there would be a banquet, tomorrow a fair with competitions, and entertainers from all over the country and on the final night Whyte's actual birthday there would be a grand ball. Every one sat down. ...read more.


The door opened and his mother entered followed by a man Whyte had only ever seen before at meals and had never spoken to. "Whyte this is Archmagus Tolwin, I told him about you're cold and he has consented in making you a remedy". The man placed a cup full to the brim with a bright blue liquid on the table, bowed and left the room. "Mum, where Nurse Iris," Whyte asked confused. "In her quarters, the archmagus thought I best to make his own remedy to make sure that your definitely feeling better for your birthday celebrations, Now drink up and I will see you later", she answered leaving the room. Whyte crossed the room and gulped down the tonic, pulled on some shoes and walked out the door. GCSE English Jack Starling 07/05/2007 Candidate No. 9099 1 ...read more.

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