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Imagine that you are a prisoner on death row, condemned to die. You have committed a crime and the date of your final day is getting closer. Write as if you are the character

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Original writing coursework Imagine that you are a prisoner on death row, condemned to die. You have committed a crime and the date of your final day is getting closer. Write as if you are the character I feel trapped, Guilty. If I could only turn back time, I wouldn't be here in the first place with all this regret on my mind. I won't be here much longer now anyhow, death row. What an expression. Those two words haunt my nightmares while sending shivers down my spine. And now I'm all alone in this cell all murky and clammy. The smell of mouldy piss wafts through the prison like an unnecessary visitor. I have no visitors, not even family. Then again, I don't blame them for what I did. My only company is my four mustard pale walls and the irregular fat rat that lurks in the darkness munching away laughing at the pathetic individual that lies soundless, me. ...read more.


I needed to go to the hospital with her. I needed to find out if I murdered the love of my life. I later found to my horror that my nightmare was coming true as the doctor dawdled towards me with a horrified look on his face. Tears flowing down my face, I panicked. I ran home and collapsed on our bed staring at her pyjamas on the other side, folded up neatly, as I broke down once again. With my vision turning slowly burry, I closed my eyes as I heard a violent thump at the front door. Panic rushed through my body as I answered. A hot sweat suddenly took over my body. As I slowly peered round the door, I saw, to my horror, the police. My heart sank as I gave up and I admitted to everything. What I didn't know is that I killed several little children on my journey home. ...read more.


I have no chance of surviving this dreadful experience. If only I didn't go out drinking. I would not be here and may be married with the woman I still love so very much. That thought of destroying so many lives. Not only the children that I killed, but all their friends and families that must despise me. Even if I was released from this prison, I would never last out in the human race of today now that everyone knows about the crime I committed. I would be afraid to leave my home and I still would not have any family or friends. So it would turn into some sort of prison anyway. At least it may be a tiny bit better than this hellhole. I despise my life. It is ruined and I am only twenty. The days sneak closer and closer to the end of my life. I feel like I am being forced, gradually but surely, off the edge of a cliff. I feel petrified of the future. (Or at least what's left of it) ...read more.

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