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Imagine that you are a survivor from the Titanic. Write anaccount of your experiences.

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Imagine that you are a survivor from the Titanic. Write an account of your experiences. By Paul Bassan 10C. Dear Reader, The journey from Southampton went very well. The weather was very fine and the sea was calm. The wind was slowly blowing in a westerly to south westerly direction. The temperature was very cold as we were in a sea full of icebergs, the very last day being the coldest. The decks were empty due to the cold, it was almost unbearable to be up there for more than a minute. I was in my second class cabin when I felt a slight jar. I had been in my cabin for about ten minutes, the time was quarter-past ten. A short while after, there was another shock, it was not large enough to arouse any suspicions of damage to the ship. The engines immediately stopped afterwards, so I went up to the deck to enquire about what had happened. There were only a few other people on deck asking about the sudden stop. Nobody was in any sort of panic as they believed so much in the Titanic. On the deck, I could see the smoking room where a game of cards was going on. ...read more.


All the women and their children went to deck B as we called it. Deck B was the deck that was immediately below us. The men then stood a few steps away from the lifeboats. The lifeboats were lowered until they were in level with deck B, this was where the women and children were to get on the lifeboats. Some women hesitated to get on as they saw the extreme height that the boat was above the water. Other women refused to leave their husbands but were forced to board the boat. The men stayed on the above deck awaiting orders. Some men anxiously looked over the railings at the sea, whilst others paced up and down the deck.. I leant over the side of the ship and could see that some lifeboats had reached the water and were slowly drifting into the darkness of the night. Whilst the boats were being lowered, all I could hear was the creaking of the lifeboat ropes which had been in use for the first time. The next order issued was to the sailor of the lifeboat from one of the officers, "When you're afloat, row round to the companion ladder and stand by with other boats for orders." ...read more.


That was the last time that our eyes would see the amazing Titanic that set out from Southampton so well. I feel extremely sorry for the people who were not able to get a lifeboat. They all fell into the sea and just swam about. One woman on our boat said that we should go back and pick up survivors. The idea was dismissed as the boat would be swamped. Then came the most awful noise that a human should ever have to listen to, the sound of hundreds of people screaming as they drowned. A while later, the Carpathia approached us, it picked all the survivors who were on the boat. Latest figures show that there were seven hundred and two survivors. My first thought whilst we boarded the ship was a relief to know that I was safe, my second thought was for those who had died by freezing to death or drowning. The question that everyone must have thought about was about the number of lifeboats. There were about two thousand of us on the ship, there were enough lifeboats for half of that number. Why weren't there more boats? After this experience, I shall never travel on a ship no matter how safe it may seem. This event has proved that technology can fail no matter how advanced it is. ...read more.

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