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Imagine that you are The manager of a small travelling theatre group who are currently working on a production of Shakespeare's Comedy, 'Twelfth Night'

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Amrit Dulkoan 10R 8th December 2000 : Twelfth Night Imagine that you are The manager of a small travelling theatre group who are currently working on a production of Shakespeare's Comedy, 'Twelfth Night' Write a letter to the manager of the Haymarket Theatre persuading him/her to allow you to perform your play in Leicester. Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to introduce you to our small travelling theatre group who have been currently working on one of Shakespeare's most infamous comedies, 'Twelfth Night'. We are hoping to stage this production at a reputable and well established theatre such as the Haymarket and I feel that the play would be very much successful if staged. It is thought that 'Twelfth Night or What you Will' had its first performance back in 1602, just over four hundred years ago. Yet today it is still regarded as one of Shakespeare's fantastic comedies and many film versions of the production have been produced, such as the quite recent and successful one directed by Trevor Nunn in 1996. For the play to keep going and still be staged today; four hundred years after its first performance shows that it still is able to attract good audiences and will continue to most likely do so in the future. Though it was first performed in 1602 'Twelfth Night' was written a year earlier in 1601. ...read more.


He is subject to much mockery from the others such as Sir Toby, Olivia's uncle and Kinsman, Mariah; Olivia's serving lady who likes Sir Toby and also Sir Andrew a friend of Sir Toby's, a lively character who is much regarded as an idiot by the others. Two other characters in the play which are of quite importance are Antonio who cared for Sebastian after the shipwreck and also Feste, who throughout the play provides his witty comments and he is the official 'fool' of Olivia's household. The play 'Twelfth Night is mainly a romantic comedy with many types of comic acts. Throughout the play we are presented with slapstick, bafoon like behaviour and clowning around and farce comedy (improbable and showing ludicracy), these are mostly performed by the characters of Sir Toby, and Sir Andrew. Feste provides us with witty comedy and shows us his intellectual humour. Sir Andrew " Here comes the fool I faith." Feste " How now my hearts? Did you never see the picture of 'We Three'?" Sir Toby " Welcome ass. Now lets have a catch." (Act 11 Scene 3) Then we are also presented with a rather cruel but amusing joke played on the character Malvolio. And other types of comedy in the plot include romantic and bawdy humour. Malvolio " Remember who commended thy yellow stockings" Olivia " Thy yellow stockings?" ...read more.


In this play Shakespeare creates an authentic character Feste, who is seen as a type of jester for Olivia's household. Feste often sings and makes subtle humourous comments continually showing his intellectual wit. Comedy is defined as a drama that aims to make it's audience laugh usually with a happy and amusing ending. The tradition of comedy has developed from ancient Greece and through centuries it has continually been used and been successful in amusing and attracting an audience. It is for this reason that we the think the production of 'Twelfth Night or What you Will' would be extremely successful if staged at the Haymarket Theatre, especially if staged throughout the festive season of Christmas. Staging 'Twelfth Night' at this time would provide a good atmosphere and in no doubts it would be thoroughly enjoyed by the audience, and attendance of the play would be of a high rating. The play has been produced to provide maximum hilarity, emphasising comic scenes to ensure that it entertains well and the play meets the standard of what is expected of it, so that the audience are deeply satisfied with the performance. I hope to receive a response from you shortly to discuss further matters involving the production and the possibility of staging it. I hope that you take in to account the full potential of staging our production of 'Twelfth Night or What you Will' at the Haymarket Theatre, as I assure you the production will be a great success. ...read more.

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