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Imagine that you changed places for a day with either one of your parents

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Ahmed Abdullah AS English Language 23/01/12 Imagine that you changed places for a day with either one of your parents. Write a diary entry. Dear Dumper, how have you been? It has been so long, I have not shared anything with you and it feels like something is missing from my everyday routine. I wanted to tell you that today I changed my places with my mom so I was practically a EMM OO EMM (MOM) for a day. I also wanted to share with you the fact that how interesting my day went. Alex and Amanda went to school peacefully in the morning for the first time in their life today. It is always so hard to quite them down when they are going to the school but today I was pretty happy and did not had to make any effort to keep them quite. ...read more.


I left the work, picked Alex and Amanda and drove back home. Prepared lunch for the children and myself and served it on the table so we three can eat it. Taylor was at work and he usually arrives after 5 p.m. so I made a platter for him. I had to do the laundry of Alex and Amanda as they are not big enough to do it on their own. At 3 p.m. I went to bed and took a nap for an hour and half. After waking up at 4:30 p.m, I prepared snacks for kids and they took it to their sports activities. Soon after Taylor arrived, I gave him his platter and we discussed about how our day went. Taylor had a rough day like me too, first, he told me, his pants got wet because the tea accidently got spilled on it. ...read more.


I made the dinner, and served it on the table. Everyone was already on the table, I was just missing and finally I came too, joined them all and started the dinner. During the dinner, Taylor spoke out the reality to the kids and explained them that we will be moving to non urban area for his new job and Alex and Amanda will have to change their schools too. Listening to the first news that daddy got a new job which is more beneficial combined to what their parents are earning now, kids got happy. After hearing that they will have to leave their friends and school here, they were not quite happy but what could have happen and the conclusion was that we are going to move. Everyone headed off to their beds after this discussion and now I am here sharing this with you, Dumper. I am going to sleep too. Good Night. Your Sincerely, Mother Teresa Word Count : 676 ...read more.

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