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Imagine that you have been asked to direct Act 3 Scene 1 from Romeo and Juliet. Prepare a detailed account of how you would present the scene and how it could fit into the play as a whole.

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Romeo and Juliet Imagine that you have been asked to direct Act 3 Scene 1 from Romeo and Juliet. Prepare a detailed account of how you would present the scene and how it could fit into the play as a whole. This scene is important in the context of the play as this is the scene that marks the final appearance of Mercutio and Tybalt. This is a major turning point and will lead to more deaths throughout the play. For the setting for my play I have decided to set it in Los Angeles as it would be as hot and dry as in the original Verona. This scene would take place during the afternoon as everything would be visible and nothing would be disclosed from the viewer's eye. The atmosphere would be hot and sticky and tempers would get worse especially Mercutios. I have decided that the two rival families (the Capulets and Montagues) ...read more.


Next there are the camera angles to describe. These will change often and they will include close ups when they are fighting and talking and wide angles most of the other time however there will be an overhead angle when both Mercutio and Tybalt are dead to show what damage has been caused. The lighting will also be key in this scene, starting with bright and vibrant colours to signify that everything is bright and perfect. This will link to the climate of Los Angeles because it is the same. However when Mercutio is killed the sky goes dark and it starts lightning to show that something is wrong. Finally I am going to describe the individuals and their actions etc. Firstly there is Mercutio who is violent and provocative. He will be portrayed as someone who has a short temper and before him and Tybalt fight he will push around Mercutio as it fits in with the script as these provocative ways will inevitably cause a fight. ...read more.


He will also push the characters around to show his intent. He will be muscularly to show he is an important and strong character. The Prince does not have much to do in this scene but when he is involved he will stand confidently to show authority. To show this he will also be dressed in purple clothes as that is a significant colour. Lady Capulet will have close ups on her after she finds out Tybalt is dead to show her anger, pain and sadness. These will show that she wants revenge against Romeo for killing Tybalt. Romeo is the main character in the Montague family and to depict this he will have a hat on like Tybalt to show his importance. At the beginning he is happy and to represent this he will speak calmly and slowly. However all this changes when Mercutio is killed. There will be a close up on Romeo when Mercutio dies to show his anger and devastation of him dying. The camera will follow him steadily when he chasing Tybalt so you the audience feel as if they are there. ?? ?? ?? ?? Marcin Milde English Coursework ...read more.

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