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Imagine that you were looking through yourBedroom window in the early hours of one morning, You saw the character in this poem in the garden across the road write a description of what you saw.

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Imagine that you were looking through your Bedroom window in the early hours of one morning, You saw the character in this poem in the garden across the road write a description of what you saw. By mark pocknell It was about 3:00am I woke up because I was too hot. I got up and sat on the end of my double bed, I heard a noise it sounded like foxes fighting so I looked out of my window and saw a gate wide open and the shadow of a person, a silhouette in the darkness, in the garden across the road. I watched for a while because I knew that the people across the road had a jet-ski in their garden, I ...read more.


This time he went into the garden and plodded out with the body of the snowman and struggled up the road carrying the bulky body. I ran into my room wiping my feet on the warm carpet I put my jeans on, my T-shirt and my thick woolly jumper and my striped hat and scarf, and went out onto my balcony. I climbed down the icy trellis and jumped onto the white snowy lawn. I tiptoed out of my gate with the snow crunching under my feet. I peered around the gate; the man was standing at the top of the road. I tried to be as quiet as I could to hide behind the long white car, He turned around the corner I waited a while then I ran up to the corner. ...read more.


The man had disappeared I turned around and stopped then someone placed his or her hand on my shoulder I shouted, then a voice said "It's o.k" I looked up and it was my dad I was so pleased I couldn't wait to get home. My dad asked me "What happened" I told him on the way back home. As soon as I got home I went straight to sleep, In the morning I went back to the corner and the snowman was still there and that night I stayed up to see if the man would come back but he never did he never came back to my road again, what was the point of him putting all his effort in last night? Why would he want a snowman? BY MARK POCKNELL ...read more.

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