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Imagine you are an animal on the farm - Trace the downfall of animalism and explain why it happened - How responsible do you feel for the failure of Animal farm?

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Imagine you are an animal on the farm. Trace the downfall of animalism and explain why it happened. How responsible do you feel for the failure of Animal farm? For this essay I am going to be Benjamin and trace the downfall of animalism. When Old Major died I knew his plans would go wrong. Well, at first it was going well until the expulsion of Jones. When the pigs learnt to read and write I knew it would go wrong because they could take advantage of the animals and they would never know. After the commandments were written they were bound to change, and the last commandment failed when the pigs milked the cows, then Napoleon order the animals to do the harvest while he stole the milk. Napoleon obviously broke the commandments, but all those stupid animals didn't bother to question him, so why should I save them. Is animalism failing? Well of course it bloody is, but why don't the stupid animals see it. When it came to the harvest all the dumb animals "toiled and sweated" doing the harvest, while the pigs stood around saying "gee-up" as if they owned them. ...read more.


Next Napoleon convinced the animals that it was his idea to build the windmill and that Snowball had stole the idea. I thought that was pathetic and I could have thought of a better story. Then he starts dealing with humans, what a joke because not even the animals noticed it. Then it finally happens, the first step Napoleon makes towards being a human by sleeping in Jones bed. As usual he gets away and this time changes the fourth commandment. I noticed it without ever reading the commandments but all the other idiots didn't even notice. This shows the pigs can do anything without being questioned, and equality no longer exists like animalism. Just as I thought, the pigs took advantage again and they could wake up an hour later. When will they notice that Napoleon is a dictator and will make sure he is the owner of the farm at the end of the day? Again he goes against the commandments, but no one notices except me. After that windy night the windmill had collapses, and Napoleon blamed it on Snowball and all those idiotic animals believe him. ...read more.


They are completely going against the commandment but they go the easy way by changing the fifth commandment. Then the worst day of my life came. The bloody pigs killed my best friend by sending him to the knackers yard and the dam animals did nothing. Probaly they were brainwashes, or the new commandment, but I just don't know why. If I was younger and those animals were cleverer I would ill those bloody dictator pigs. Next they brainwash sheep so the dumb idiots say, "four legs good, two legs better and know one notices. As well when squealer fell off the ladder after changing the commandments. Know one questioned him. It's a bloody laugh. Then there is just one commandment "all animals are equal, and some are more equal than others" and know one says anything. When will they notice that they are being cheated on and lied to? Then they wore clothes and mixed with humans breaking most of the commandment, but I forgot there is just one commandment left! Personally I think none of this is my fault, it's there own faults. If they were any clever, or has a brain they would notice pigs are ruling the farm. By Samie Talibi 10E ...read more.

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