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Imagine you are Mary and write a series of journal entries, which recount your adventures during the course of the novel

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16.09.00 Charlotte Rolling Loughborough High School Mrs. Young Imagine you are Mary and write a series of journal entries, which recount your adventures during the course of the novel November 1815 Well... here I am at my new home, Jamaica Inn. I have decided to keep a diary of my life here because I feel that this is the only way to express my feelings now that I am alone. This morning whilst on the coach I was thinking about what this place would look like and what my uncle and aunt would think of me, and what I would think of them. It is not like anything I had imagined it to be. On the way here the weather was quite dreadful. It was raining and very cold. To begin with I was looking forward to arriving at the Inn where I would be in from the rain and the cold, but passengers on the coach and the driver seemed to be astonished when I told them that that was where I was going. When I told them I was going to be staying at Jamaica Inn I felt as if they were trying to persuade me not to go. I was told that some people were afraid of the Inn and that coaches don't stop by there anymore. After hearing this I was a bit apprehensive about arriving at my new home. I couldn't really understand why people were afraid to come here. Now I know why. When I first arrived here it was my Uncle Joss that greeted me first. He is a big man with a lean and hungry appearance that makes him look almost like a wolf. ...read more.


On my way back I saw my good friend Francis Davey. He told me that I could go on the carriage with him and that he would stop at Five Lanes and I would carry on to Jamaica Inn. I was soaked by the time I got in the carriage because it was raining hard. I was glad that I wouldn't have to spend the night outside in Launceston on my own. I probably would have frozen to death. Francis got off at Five Lanes and I carried on down Bodmin Road. When we neared the Inn I heard voices and all of a sudden I heard a scream and the driver of the carriage fell of the cart. Then a face was thrust in at the window of the carriage. It was my Uncle Joss. He held a lantern in one hand and a gun in the other and he was very obviously drunk. I had never really been afraid of my Uncle before but now I was. Joss leaned into forward into the carriage so that the barrel of the gun touched my throat. I realise now how lucky I am to be alive because he could have shot that gun at any time. Joss then smiled. It was a smile that will be with me in my mind for the rest of my life. It was an evil smile. It was a smile of an evil, crazy mad man. It was the smile of a man that was possessed. Then, he grabbed me and dragged me out the carriage like I was one of his packages. He tilted my face towards the light and I heard a howl of laughter and someone whistled. ...read more.


I can remember watching the low clouds in the sky and then thinking that it was Christmas Day. Christmas Eve day had been one of the best days of my life being in the company of Jem but that night was the worst night of my life and the nightmare memories will be with me forever. January 1816 I'm living with Jem now in Tamar and having the happiest time of my life. I love him so much and I believe he loves me as much as I love him. I don't really think about what happened last year at Jamaica Inn. The awful memories of the place will unfortunately stay in my mind forever but the only time I ever really think about those terrible times is when I lay awake in bed. Sometimes I have nightmares about what happened to me at Jamaica Inn that do scare me but when I wake up and see my lovely Jem lying next to me I think to myself how lucky I am to have found him. I will never be able to forgive my Uncle Joss for how he treated my Aunt and how he ruined her life but at least I know now that he will never be able to harm her again as she is up in heaven with God to look after her. I am enjoying my time here in Tamar but my greatest wish now is to go back to Helford. I want to introduce Jem to my friends and the remaining family I have left. Jem promised me that we will go one day and I won't let him forget that promise he made to me. All I can do now is hope that I will be going sometime in the near future as I miss the smell of the rivers and the smell of the countryside that embraced my home in Helford. ...read more.

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