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Imagine you are the director of the play A taste of honey by Shelagh Delany . What impressions of the female characters do you want to create?

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Imagine you are the director of the play "A taste of honey " by Shelagh Delany . What impressions of the female characters do you want to create? "A Taste of Honey" is set in the city of Salford . Shelagh Delany was born in 1939 and was seventeen when she began to write the novel .The reason she wrote this is because people had bad ideas about people from the north but in actual fact they are alive and cynical "A Taste of Honey" was accepted by loan littlewood they both believed that plays should be about ordinary people. The play came to the east end of London in May 1958 going to the west end early the following year. This play has kitchen sink realism in it. This is when things on the theatre were based on social people with ordinary lives. These were set in the north of England based in council houses and pubs . An example of this is "shameless" but it's not a perfect example although it has got elements of realism in it. My first impressions is that Helen is not a very good mother and she realise on Jo to do stuff for her "Children owe their parents this little attention" This shows that Helen relies in Jo to do things because Helen isn't capable. ...read more.


Helen hasn't realised since Jo was born that Jo is good at drawing so this proves that she doesn't take a lot of notice. At this point in the play Helen and Jo are being really nice to each other .Jo feels at this point that her mother is either changing or has done something . I think it's because Helen feels guilty about moving house and the place isn't nice it's only a smelly old and dirty flat. From the audience point of view isn't not a surprise that Jo falls in love with the first man she meets .Jo seems very intelligent at first but it seems she has learnt nothing from her mother mistakes. The audience point is that Helens relationship with peter is a mess because all Helen is interested in is money men and sex. Although Jo proposal is genuine and Jo admits : "I don't know why I love you I just do" She cannot explain why she loves him it's probably because it's the first time she has been given love and affection. The sailor's part in the play is very brief the sailor gets her pregnant and leaves. It's a cycle all the time with Jo and Helen. ...read more.


Also Helen expects Jo to be working and not relaxing for her baby. We know this because Helen says "get up there's plenty of other girls in your condition who have to work and take care of a family up" So Helen tries to go back to a mother again but Jo isn't daft and spots this straight away .Jo doesn't want her to have anything to do with her or the baby. Helen thinks that Jo is living ff Geoff and Helen and Jo start to argue. They act like they are two little kids having an argument and Helen is really nasty to Jo. After this Helen expects Geoff to go so he just leaves. Helen has a really bad reaction when she finds out the baby is going to be black she finds it horrifying. She says "can you see me wheeling a pram oh my god ill have to have a drink ". Helen is thinking of herself again and she wants to push the pram round.in the 1940s it was really weird to have people to have black babies but now we have become more cultural. So Helen doesn't wan t to seem to push the pram anymore because she knows this. Helen wants it to be adopted only thinking of herself and her image again By Reece heir ...read more.

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