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Imagine you are the Japanese soldier. Give an account of your capture by the patrol in the play. Concentrate on giving your feelings, as well as saying what happened.

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Breanne Loucks 11SJW Homework/Coursework Imagine you are the Japanese soldier. Give an account of your capture by the patrol in the play. Concentrate on giving your feelings, as well as saying what happened. As I wondered around the jungle of bushes, to find a good sheltered spot to rest, I gazed at the photos of my family in my pocket. I ran my finger slowly across the photos, if only I could touch her soft hands and run my fingers through her jet black, silky hair. Suddenly I heard a noise coming from the bushes. "All right mate we've been looking for you everywhere," says this voice, rustling in the bushes. I started to get scared, maybe it was an English spy, or it could be Bob, that was my best fried. We didn't live that far from each other but never knew it until we met in the army. "These bushes are really tough if only there was a gap," suddenly a hand, holding an English rifle pokes through the bushes. "Look what I've found, mate," thank God for that it was only Bob, "you look like you seen a ghost, anyway look it's an English rifle," he was examining the rifle slowly. ...read more.


As one of the men walked through the door he shouted at the rough looking man, he turned to me quickly shouted something, he was talking slowly and putting his hands on his head at the same time, I thought I should just copy him. As I did that the man with my photos gave me them back and ruffled my hair. I felt that he didn't want to kill me any more he was my friend now. Later on that day "my friend" walked over to me and passed me a cigarette, I took the cigarette and placed it into my mouth. I put my hand out to wait for the lighter and one of the other men came over to us and hit the cigarette out of my mouth. His eyes were as red as fire, he was shouting at me again so I just put my hands on my head. The nice man and the violent man started to shout at each other I think that they were having an argument but I couldn't be sure because I couldn't understand what they were saying. ...read more.


The argument started up again, but this time my friend was on my side, it made me much more confident and he seemed much more supportive. He shouted at the others and grabbed the cigarette box off them he passed me it and the fat man picked my torn photos up and passed them to me. I was shocked and I couldn't believe what was going on. I looked at the photos and it looked like a broken puzzle and all I had to do was fit the pieces back together. The other soldiers started to say things to me I think they were trying to say sorry. Then there was an interruption and there were more words coming out of the box the youngster was playing with it was Bob again he was telling me that he knew where I was and he was on his way to get me. When I heard the words I walked over to the box and I was going to shout down through the receiver, the youngster thought I was coming after him but I wasn't I just wanted him to put his gun down, I didn't want him to kill me. Then I looked at him in the eyes and thought he's going to shoot me! ...read more.

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