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Impact Alert

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IMPACT ALERT- ASTEROIDS How successfully does the article "Impact alert- asteroids" persuade and warn the reader of the explosion of asteroids? The article "impact alert- asteroids" by Stuart Clark is written in the form of inform, explain, describe where the writer informs the world about a threat that is waiting to destroy the earth and explains and describes how and what would happen. He uses third person narration, involving all the adults and active participants of society to share this crisis together. The title creates the tone and mood of the article. The word "impact" relates to destruction, bringing about an alarming mood and the word "alert" creates a sense of urgency helping to grasp the reader's interest as the importance and risk of asteroids is highlighted. The writer presents details about asteroids, helping spread awareness about what these asteroids really are. ...read more.


It adds to the alarmed mood of the article as the reader feels the immense danger faced by the earth. In addition to this, the writer further explains the impact through his detailed description of the effects. The descriptive diction used in the phrases " hunters were knocked unconscious and thrown to the ground by the blast", "it felled trees and stripped them of branches", " destroy the ozone layer", "predicting what would live and what might die is difficult" and the comparison of the "devastation" which would "cover an area approximately the size of Greater London" creates vivid images for the readers to perceive the reality and devastation of an asteroid impact. The destruction of nature projected through the verbs "felled" and "Stripped" reflect the ruin that would be seen on the earth. ...read more.


The writer also writes in third person narration not just to involve the whole world but also to appeal to the protective side of the people through the phrase "our being hit is a certainty", raising the concerns of the people to their lives which would be destroyed if something happens to the earth we live in. The conclusion of the article is very unusual as the ending sentence holds "so although the human race would survive, the biggest question is: could civilization?" The rhetorical question in the end leaves a lot of questions unanswered as the topic is revealed to be an unending debate about whether life would end this way or not. It also suggests the ongoing devastation of the impact as its not certain how "disastrous" it would be. In conclusion, the writer explicitly succeeds in spreading awareness of the topic as he ensures to grasp the attention of many and sustain their interest till the very end. ...read more.

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