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Importance of chapter 1 in mice and men

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How is chapter one of Mice and Men important to the rest of the novel? I think the setting im chapter 1 is important because it shows that when human beings come in to nature they destroy it a quote to show this is "A path beaten hard by boys coming down from the ranches to swim in the deep pool, and beaten hard by tramps who come wearily down from the highway in the evening to jungle-up near water.". This shows the author was worried about mans impact on nature and the author wanted to show this from the start. The writer uses certain words to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. ...read more.


The key word here is "don't" this shows George telling Lennie what he can and cant do. George treats Lennie like a child. This is shows by "give me that mouse". The keyword here is the command "give" This shows that George has the control over Lennie like a adult over a child. Lennie is the total opposite to George. Lennie relies totally on George. "Lennie Lennie God sake don't drink so much". The keywords here are "God" because George cares for Lennie. Another point is that Lennie emotionally blackmails George. "I could go off in the hills" The keyword here is "I" Reader knows that Lennie can't do stuff on his own so George needs to go with him to make sure he is safe. ...read more.


Lennie and George at the start are friends you can tell this by the way George cares for Lennie this is shown when George tells Lennie not to drink to much water. This theme is developed in the book through Candy and his dog. Candy likes his dog because he's had it since a pup and is upset that Carlson shot his dog and regrets that Carlson shot his dog and wished he had done it. Loneliness George is lonely without Lennie. "im not taking it away for meanness" this shows George is sorry and doesn't really wont to take the mouse off Lennie. In conclusion chapter one is important to the novel as a whole because the novel starts and ends in the location where chapter one describes also it Introduces the main characters and themes. ...read more.

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