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Importance Of Magwhich In Great Expectations

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The Importance of Magwitch in Great Expectations Charles Dickens is one of my favourite story writers. He has a special talent of bringing characters alive, one of the most memorable characters from all his books is Magwhich the convict, from the book Great Expectations. At the beginning of the story, when Magwhich is first introduced to the reader, like Pip, they are repelled by magwitch's coarse appearance and rough habits, but as we learn of his awful, brutal life we become more sympathetic towards him. His pride in the gentleman he has created in Pip is touching and Pip notices that the convicts character softens and he forms a strong affection for Magwhich. The convict feels that pip is a replacement for the child he lost. ...read more.


Although it's strange that seeing as Magwhich is a powerfully built man, he does not hurt Pip, this is the first hint in the book that there is more to Magwhich than it seems. Dickens had his own experiences of the law when he was young, this gave him a good understanding of the law, which most middle class people at that time did not have. Through Magwhich we are shown that the legal system in the early nineteenth century worked against the poor and uneducated. Magwhich is the character who lets the author comment on the legal system in England at that time. Compeyson was able to wriggle his way free, while Magwhich suffered the full penalties for his crimes. ...read more.


At first Magwhich appears fierce and frightening but by the end he has softened into a hard working, warm hearted, generous human and Pip began as a nervous young boy, who turned into a charming, mature "gentleman" In conclusion the character of Abel Magwhich is really crucial to the development of the whole story. He leads Pip towards his "great expectations", it is his wish to turn Pip into a gentleman and revenge himself on society and this is what makes the plot unfold. Magwhich keeps his real identity a secret, this intrigues the reader to know the real benefactor of Pip. Both Pip and Magwhich come from humble backgrounds and they both rise to a higher status in Victorian society, despite their low origins. In the end the reader feels sympathy towards Magwhich whose character unfolds to reveal a sensitive and vulnerable human being. ...read more.

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