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Impression of Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing

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WHAT IMPRESSION DO YOU GET OF BEATRICE FROM ACT TWO, SCENE ONE? Introduction In this essay, I will describe the impression I get of Beatrice from Act Two, Scene One of Much Ado About Nothing written by William Shakespeare. Up to this point in the play, Claudio and Hero are united. There is a misunderstanding about Don Pedro wooing Hero for himself, but, this situation clears itself up later in this scene. I have gone through each line of Beatrice's speech and I have described the meaning of her words. She has 11 dialogues which I have summed up in "Points" meaning her first dialogue to be "Point 1". I have also named each of the points according to the strongest emotion or point within the dialogue. POINT 1- A sad feeling Benedick has just had a conversation with Don Pedro and Claudio. On Beatrice's arrival, Benedick exits with a sharp comment of her being "Lady Tongue" which implies Beatrice of being a heavy chatterer. Don Pedro tells Beatrice that she has "lost the heart of Signior Benedick". Beatrice replies with a sad yes and says "Indeed, my lord, he lent it me awhile, and I gave him use for it, a double heart for his single one." ...read more.


This confusion between Don Pedro and Hero does not last long until Don Pedro frees the truth "I have wooed in thy name, and fair Hero is won." Claudio, on hearing this pleasure, is shocked and hardly able to speak. Don Pedro also tells Claudio that he has "broke with her father, and good will obtained." This means that he has spoken to Leonato about the marriage proposal and he agrees. Beatrice then rings the alarm to wake up Claudio after him being shocked that "Speak, Count, tis your cue." She here is being considerate and "into" meaning she connects others and makes relationships happen. She is like a fairy because she makes dreams come true. She also grants a wish. POINT 5- Helping a cousin Claudio is so happy that it was all a misunderstanding that he talks to Hero about his love for her. Beatrice then connects Hero and Claudio by saying "Speak, cousin, or, if you cannot, stop his mouth with a kiss, and let not him speak neither." By "connects", I imply her on being able to join relationships, like a fairy described in the paragraph above. ...read more.


Beatrice says "No, sure, my lord, my mother cried, but then there was a star danced, and under that was I born." Here, she is agreeing to Don Pedro's comment and is saying that she was born good and wealthy but she is hopeless with a husband. To finish off, she says "Cousins, God give you joy!" and again she is being thoughtful. POINT 11- Apologies At this point, Leonato fells a little embarrassed by the conversation between Beatrice and Don Pedro about classes. He then buts in and says to Beatrice "Niece, will you look to those things I told you of?". This stops the conversation. Beatrice apologises to Leonato for the hold up by saying "I cry you mercy, uncle." She then also excuses herself from Don Pedro's presence by saying "By your Grace's pardon." Conclusion In conclusion, from Act Two Scene One, Beatrice does show her feelings and her thoughts about Benedick and the others. She reacts with Don Pedro most than anyone else. In Act One Scene One, Beatrice is just insulting to Benedick. In this scene though, she has changed from being an insulting person to being a very thoughtful and kind person. So, this Act shows the pleasant and opposite side of Beatrice than Act One in which she is grumpy! ...read more.

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