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In Anne Hathaway, the poet, Carol Ann Duffy, shows a relationship between a man and a woman. Compare the way she has done this with three other poems, each one showing the relationship between a man and a woman " one by

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In "Anne Hathaway", the poet, Carol Ann Duffy, shows a relationship between a man and a woman. Compare the way she has done this with three other poems, each one showing the relationship between a man and a woman - one by Simon Armitage and two from the pre-1914 Poetry Bank. The poem Anne Hathaway by Carol Anne Duffy was written in the voice of Shakespeare's wife, Anne Hathaway. At the start of the poem, there is a quote from Shakespeare's will 'Item I gyve unto my wife my second best bed' gives us an idea about what the poem will be about. When reading this I thought that Shakespeare could not have thought much of his wife if he was only leaving her his second best bed, but after reading the poem, I realized that it could have had a very different representation to what I had originally thought. This poem is written as a sonnet, which is one of the things that Shakespeare was famous for, as she sees their relationship if in terms of his writing. ...read more.


He does this to show a more true full description instead of the usual exaggerated metaphors, which he describes as false compare 'as any she belied with false compare', which shows that she is just as beautiful as all the other woman who are described with exaggerated metaphors. This creates a contrast with the poem the was written by Duffy in his wife's voice, as where she uses metaphors to create a description of a magical world, which is far from what it is really like, Shakespeare rejects metaphors to create a more true full image. Simon Armitage also shows a loving relationship in his poem Mother, which shows the relationship between himself and his mother, but describes a different kind of love then to what is going on in Anne Hathaway and sonnet 130. He shows this in the first verse when he says 'any distance greater than a single span requires a second pair of hands'. ...read more.


As the tape unreels, so do the years, as he is able to go back to his mum 'report back to base' as if he was describing her as a safety net. This idea comes again when he says 'Anchor. Kite'. This is a metaphor for him and his mum, as while he is a kite making his way up, she is the anchor that has held him steady and been a security, but it also could be describing her as holding him down. 'Towards a hatch that opens to an endless sky to fall or fly'. This shows that he is heading towards a life full on opportunities where he can fly, like a kite, but also fall or fly away as he will not have his mum acting as an anchor to stop him making mistakes or being there when he does. Like in Anne Hathaway, he uses metaphors to describe the relationship that is going on, but he does not exaggerate them to the same extent. ...read more.

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