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In a far away galaxy, there was once a planet, a planet very much the same as our earth is right now. The creatures that lived there had very similar minds to us, though they did not look alike, and had much stronger powers, that we might call magic.

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In a far away galaxy, there was once a planet, a planet very much the same as our earth is right now. The creatures that lived there had very similar minds to us, though they did not look alike, and had much stronger powers, that we might call magic. The place was civilized, but polluted and eventually, whether through pollution, war or natural disaster, it exploded, leaving five beings, to find another place to live. . When they had finally found this planet we live on today, which was closest to the conditions on their own planet, there was dispute. One of the female beings or aliens, didn't like it: she saw the dinosaurs and their fellow creatures and told the others that they should wipe out this earth at once in order to plant seeds from their own planet. Hearing this, the others argued back, weary that the wiping out of these creature could result to the end of this world, but when she would not listen they immediately sensed the danger of her being there and imprisoned her within a crystal that only power as strong as theirs put together can destroy, then, thinking it would be safe now, they settled on the planet, joining their bodies with the earth and life around them, which was to ultimately evolve into the human kind. But the creatures had underestimated the power of this being they had imprisoned, she learned that in spirit she was able to move, and in that way started to control the future and the history of this planet in order to repeat the history of her own planet which she loved so much and to see what might have been if it hadn't come to an end. ...read more.


"Hmm,"she smiled, again making William's pulse race, " This 'being' you found out about yourself, seems to have this need to control what happens in this world, so my conclusion is that perhaps it is a sort of alien trying to make a future it desires. Whatever reason it wants to do that for, I can't even begin to guess, and though I may sound ambitious, I don't want to live in a world that's controlled by something, so I'm going to get rid of it." "Joka..."murmured William, but as soon as he had said it, he didn't understand why he had said it, or what it meant. This was not the first time either, it was as though a different part of his mind existed and took over sometimes, this time it was even accompanied with a feeling of great anger and remorse, like he had never felt before. He shuddered; Anne was looking at him in a strange way. "What's wrong?" "Um ... n .. Nothing..." he stuttered, "I'm fine, yes, I'm fine." She continued looking at him suspiciously and William was embarrassed, not knowing why he hadn't told her. "Fine, don't tell me." She pouted, leaving William even more embarrassed. " I even told you my ambition and you don't tell me what Joka is," she continued with that silly pouting expression staring at the wall, while William was looking down at the floor instead. " I don't know," he replied slowly, " I don't know who or what Joka is. " He explained the rest quickly. A few minutes later, Anne was looking at him in disbelief. ...read more.


The crystal contained the most beautiful thing Anne had ever seen, the creature had long fingers, silvery skin and though drawn it would not have looked so beautiful but there was something about it that was so striking. "JOKA!" Fukki bellowed in an earthshaking voice and Anne clung even tighter, "COME OUT TO GREET THY KIN!" "Fukki... is that you?" he did not turn around. "Yes, though I do look different," something shimmered and a ghostly figure of the creature inside the crystal appeared, she was crying and Fukki felt great remorse, almost guilty. "I am sorry to have put you through such terrible eternal pain. You must have been so lonely." Anne could not read his expression. But Joka's face had changed, it twisted grotesquely, contorting in rage. "Let me kill you!" She rasped, "Let me maim and imprison you and put you through eternal pain and solitude as you did to me!" But Fukki's expression remained unreadable. "I have come here to relieve you of your misery Joka, I shall be the on who kills today." "Why! Why kill me if you are the one who put me through this misery!" "I simply do not wish to live in a world controlled by you, that's all." He smiled wryly "I shall do anything to stop you now Joka, even if it means my life. Come." What happened then Anne could not tell, it was simply too quick, all she heard was a loud crack and Fukki embraced her, guarding her from all the flying debris. When the dust cleared, the crystal had cracked and Joka's body lay sprawled on the ground. Fukki continued to embrace Anne. "There, now we have a free world, destiny will end," he smiled gently, "the only destiny is us." - 1 - ...read more.

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