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In a Street Car Named Desire What do we learn about Stanley in the first two scenes

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What do we learn about Stanley in the first two scenes? The play 'A Street Car Named Desire' by Tennessee Williams has many characters with different personalities. One character that seems to play an important part in this play is Stanley. The ruff and hardened blunt husband of Stella, this is shown to us in the first two scenes introduces this character to the audience, and shows his attitude towards the environment that he lives in. Through out the following I shall be discussing about how Tennessee Williams introduces Stanley to the audience and this helps us learn about him. At the beginning of the first scene the audience meets Stanley, Tennessee presents Stanly and a friend (Mitch) ...read more.


However one is left to wonder whether if Stanley simply draws women to him in this idealistic way. This extravagant entrance for the character Stanley , makes the audience feel that he has an important influence in the play. Stanley is portrayed as a womanizer, and he carries on with this practice even after he knows that his wife is pregnant. It's bad enough that he is carrying on with this when he has a wife. The audience is made to feel that Stella knows of his habits of purposely attracting women and flirting ass it has to have been the same way he got involved with Stella. This could be a suggestion of why Stella asked him if she could join him and watch at the bowling alley. ...read more.


However when he begins to scuffle through Blanches trunk not caring at the least at the mess he is creating, Tennessee lets the audience once again that he doesn't show women a lot of respect to say the least. This situation illustrates to the audience how low he will stoop for access to money that legally doesn't even belong to him. To conclude Tennessee has illustrated Stanley as a womanizer who aims to seducing women at all expenses, and he show less to no respect towards women. The audience has also learned at this stage that he will stop at no extent to gain Stella's money and probably spend it in an unethical way. This is what we have learnt so far how this intense character will develop in the rest of the play one is left to wonder. ...read more.

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