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In "A View From The Bridge" how does Arthur Miller makes Eddie's character dramatic and tragic? "A View From The Bridge

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In "A View From The Bridge" how does Arthur Miller makes Eddie's character dramatic and tragic? "A View From The Bridge" Arthur Miller wrote the play called "A View From The Bridge" in 1955. It is set in the late 1940s amongst the Sicilian community in Brooklyn, New York. People within the Sicilian community view immigration matters and loyalty very seriously. They forbid people who dare to snitch to the Immigration Bureau on illegal immigrants, as a lot of them are their own relatives and isolate those who degrade loyalty for good. Respect and dignity are other very important issues, especially within the men in the community as it is going to be revealed later in the play. Eddie Carbone the main dramatic character in the play is a slightly overweight longshoreman, who lives with his wife Beatrice and Beatrice's niece Catherine. As the play progresses two illegal immigrants from Italy called Marco and Rodolfo come to live with them. ...read more.


Eddies feelings towards Rodolfo are quite harsh and unfair. He hates the fact that Rodolfo excites Catherine, and because Rodolfo has dreams Eddie is jealous. He reckons that Rodolfo is actually homosexual due to his blonde hair and the fact that he can sing. So therefore he goes to Alfieri trying to find a legal way in which to condemn Rodolfo. This shows just how far he can go to get Rodolfo. He's also furious at him for not asking his permission to go out with Catherine. "...you wouldn't just drag off some girl without permission." This builds more tension and atmosphere between Eddie and Rodolfo and the audience. Arthur Miller intended for this scene to be apprehensive by creating an awkward tense atmosphere of when Catherine at this point is sick and tired of the person she loves being criticized in such a way. She therefore challenges Eddie's authorities in asking Rodolfo to dance. Eddie simply freezes and carries on attacking Rodolfo by asking him to box. ...read more.


Alfieri says of him "... he allowed himself to be wholly known and for that I think I will love him..." This shows the point I that made in the introduction of the play about how dignity, honour, loyalty and respect are very important factors within the community, and those who degrade them receive harsh consequences. We find out later in the play that Marco has a very strong sense of pride and honour. We see this by when he requires justice even in spite of the consequences, and goes for it. "Animal! You go on your knees to me!" I think that Arthur Miller has been highly successful in making Eddies character dramatic and tragic throughout the play. One example of this is at the end when Eddie fights and dies to restore his good name in the community. Another one is when he won't let Beatrice go to Catherine's wedding. "You walk out of this door to that wedding and you ain't coming back Beatrice" It is throughout Eddie's dramatic character that the audience want to know and see more of the play "A View From The Bridge". ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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