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In Act 2 when Alice tells Maggie " I don't know what your aiming at..." she answers " The difference between us is that I do. I always did." Explore the differences between Maggie and her sisters in " Hobson's Choice."

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In Act 2 when Alice tells Maggie " I don't know what your aiming at..." she answers " The difference between us is that I do. I always did." Explore the differences between Maggie and her sisters in " Hobson's Choice." Hobson's Choice is a play written by Harold Brighouse and it is set in Salford in 1880. In those women were victims of the conventions of the day which meant they had to stay at home, cook their masters tea and were generally ordered about during their lives. However, in this play Maggie is a victim of no one and nothing. We see her as an individual, very strong headed and also very different from her sisters. Maggie transcends convention in order to get exactly what she wants, not only for herself but also for those around her. In this essay, I am going to explain what I feel the main differences between Maggie and her two sisters are and how I think they are portrayed in the play by closely studying Hobson's Choice. The play opens in Hobson's Boot Shop, Chapel Street, in Salford. We are introduced to Alice and Vickey who are sat behind the counter when Maggie enters. As the reader, I learn that Alice is expecting Albert Prosser that morning to come in and attempt to "woo" her. ...read more.


However, Maggie isn't bothered in the slightest. She can see that her sisters have greatly failed to see why Maggie is doing this with a view to achieving as much as possible for herself and Will in the future. Maggie has great visions of long-term plans in the future and she doesn't mind making sacrifices at the beginning of the relationship, as she knows great things can grow from very humble beginnings. The difference here between Maggie's character and her sisters' character is that Alice and Vickey are more interested in material and other peoples opinions whereas Maggie needn't care for either. Ambition is certainly what drives Maggie on to make the decisions that she makes. As a woman of thirty living in the nineteenth century, she finds herself in a much more difficult position than her sisters are when it comes to finding herself a husband. However, she does not let her Father's remarks of her being "shelved" stop her. Ironically, she not only finds herself a husband but one for each of her sisters by using her many talents to do this. One of Maggie's talents is her judge of character. She has such a good understanding of how her Fathers mind works that I would say she knows him better than he knows himself. On one occasion when Hobson leaves for the Moonraker's, she informs him that dinner will be served at one o'clock promptly. ...read more.


Basically, she is necessary to his survival, especially as he is drinking himself to his death at the end of the play. She knows how his mind works and is still very loyal to him as she compromises with Will to partly own the business with Hobson. In conclusion, everything so far has confirmed that Maggie is an excellent businesswoman. Another thing that makes her so achievable is her cunning quick thinking and her ability to form a workable plan. She manages to get her Father to sign a piece of paper allowing Alice and Vickey to get married and to also provide them a sum of money. Overall, the difference in the three girls' characters is incredible. There's Alice and Vickey who are much more interested in materials and worry too much about other people's opinions. They are weak and are not prepared to stand up to their Father and they rely on people to get them through their lives and are easily dominated as they don't share their opinions. But then there's Maggie, the definite leader of the play. She is strong headed powerful ambitious and domineering in a good way. The main difference between the sisters is that Maggie always knew what she was aiming at in life unlike her two sisters. We saw her conjure up a plan over many weeks to get Will to marry her and she did everything in her power to make it a success. I think it is safe to say to say that she certainly did that. ...read more.

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