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In Act one of 'An Inspector Calls' how J.B.Priestly uses dramatic devices to convey his concerns and ideas to the audience, as well as interest and involve them in his play?

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AN INSPECTOR CALLS By J.B.Priestly In Act one of 'An Inspector Calls' how J.B.Priestly uses dramatic devices to convey his concerns and ideas to the audience, as well as interest and involve them in his play? An Inspector Calls is a play with a moral. The writer's main cause of writing the play was to teach the people around him how he thinks the world should act. He does this by using the inspector to express all of his ideas and thoughts through the way in which he teaches the Birlings their mistakes. His main concerns were the idea of responsibility that everybody should look after everybody around and not just concern about themselves. Priestly wanted to show that you could change and learn from your past mistakes. Through this play, he gave us the message that a society can only function if everybody looks after each other. The year 1912 & 1945 are important because Priestly wanted these times to reflect on how people can change. He set it in the past before the World War 1 in 1912 to show that the war had changed things can finally forget the past where they may have been selfish. ...read more.


'Birling: The Titanic, she sails next week....unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable.' This allows the audience to see that Mr. Birling isn't right with whatever he says and it makes them grow a picture of what his mind is thinking and they can see it wrong. Before the inspector arrival, the family seems strong & happy. The men are confident and jovial which sets a very positive atmosphere. There are some undercurrents of tension throughout the beginning before the inspector arrival between Eric and Birling. 'Birling: What's the matter with you?', 'Eric: (defiantly) nothing.' They don't seem to understand each other which also imply they are not very close. When Edna announces Goole's arrival it affects the Birlings straight away. 'Birling: An Inspector? What kind of inspector?' For the stage direction, the stage would have been lit with bright colours to give the audience the impression of cheerfulness during the celebration of the engagement. But when the inspector arrives and tells the family that a young woman has committed suicide by drinking disinfectant. At that point, the lighting would have been toned down to darker & grimmer colours. ...read more.


During act one, the playwright changes our opinions of the Birlings, and because we can notice that one by one the inspector squeezes out all the secrets of all the characters, which then gives us a different point of view of them. It is discovered that every character in the play (except for the inspector) has something to do with Eva Smith and have their own dark secrets. 'You don't realize yet all yoou have done.' This is what Birling says angrily to Eric because of the discovery of his despicable behaviour So basically the playwright's message is that we should care for people around us and not always for ourselves, encourage people to take responsibility for their actions, not to shift the blame on to others and always learn from your past mistakes, this makes it relevant so that you don't repeat the same errors again in the future. And I think that J.B.Priestly has succeeded in spreading the ideas he thinks and what he wants the world to follow to make it a better place to live. ?? ?? ?? ?? KARAN BARUA 10 D ENGLISH COURSEWORK MR.BECKETT ...read more.

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