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In Act two, Alice tells Maggie "I don't know what you're aiming at." She replies, "The difference between us is I do, I always did." Explain the differences between Maggie and her sisters. 'Hobson's Choice' is set in Salford in 1880

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Beth Thompson In Act two, Alice tells Maggie "I don't know what you're aiming at." She replies, "The difference between us is I do, I always did." Explain the differences between Maggie and her sisters. 'Hobson's Choice' is set in Salford in 1880, at a time when women tended to occupy largely domestic roles. However, the leading character, Maggie Hobson, is a woman way ahead of her time. Unlike her sisters, she is a demanding and domineering character. She knows what she wants in life and is not afraid to strive for it. Alice and Vicky stand up to Hobson, their father, about small and trivial matters. After Hobson has complained about the bustles the girls wear, Alice says to her father: "We shall continue to dress fashionably, Father." However, Alice and Vicky are very intimidated by Hobson and so when it comes to bigger and more important matters the talking is left to Maggie. Jim Heeler calls on Hobson to take him to the 'Moonrakers'. This is a bar where he spends most of his time drinking a lot of alcohol. Whilst Jim is around, Hobson seeks some advice from him. He requires advice on how to manage the girls. ...read more.


She is completely helpless. Alice decides to ask Vicky for some help: "What is seventeen and twenty-five?...Fifty-two of course," replies her other sister. This is blatantly incorrect. They are both just as bad at math and the shop obviously can't improve without the help of Maggie. Tubby has noticed that the shop is failing. He tries to imply to Alice how great the shop was when Maggie was around and running the business and how bad it is now that she has left: "I do not recollect things being as slack as this in her time." Without Maggie, business is deteriorating. Another difference between Maggie and her sisters is that Maggie has a way with people, she is a good judge of character and she can see potential in people. Alice and Vicky cannot fathom Maggie's choosing Willie as a husband. They are unable to appreciate the reasons behind her choice. The difference in outlook between Maggie and her sisters in relation to people and possessions is very clear. Maggie knows what she wants in life and how to get it: "The difference between us is that I do, I always did" she tells Alice. Only Maggie can see how she and Willie's relationship will work. She can see a lot of potential in him as a person. ...read more.


Another main reason in which Maggie is different to her sisters is that Maggie has a lot more respect for other people than Alice and Vicky have. When Willie called Vicky "Miss Vicky" Vicky herself did not try and correct him, it was Maggie who interrupted and corrected him. Also Maggie has to force respect from the sisters when she makes them kiss Willie to make him part of the family, their new "brother in law". The girls were not happy but still they were overruled by Maggie's domineering character. To conclude, Maggie is different to her sisters in the way that she knows how to achieve the good things in life, she tries to bring out the good in every person. She makes her future good and she does it on her own. She stands up for what is right and for what she believes in. Maggie is not influenced at all by men and their opinions, she gains things by her own determination and will power. She is a person who values the fact that starting off small can lead to great success. Her sisters keep themselves to themselves and are too cowardly to stand up for themselves, therefore due to remaining passive characters, their future will be what the future makes it, not what they make for themselves as they do not intervene in order to make it better. ...read more.

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