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In An Inspector Calls, how does J. B. Priestley use Inspector Goole to make each character realise how responsible they are for the death of Eva?

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In An Inspector Calls, how does J. B. Priestley use Inspector Goole to make each character realise how responsible they are for the death of Eva? An Inspector Calls is about a family called the Birling's, the play starts off with them celebrating the engagement of Sheila Birling and Gerald Croft. Only to have to cut short by an Inspector Goole who informs them of a death of one Eva Smith. The story An Inspector Calls was written by J. B. Priestly in 1945 but was set in 1912. J. B. Priestly uses the Inspector in a number of ways. Such as showing the other characters a photograph of Eva individually, he pushes them to tell the truth about their part in Eva's life. J. B. Priestly make the Inspector speak firmly aswell as asking questions he already knows the answers to. The Inspector also uses entrances and exits for more of the story to be revealed. The first character the inspector speaks to is Mr Birling. ...read more.


Priestley wanted the audience to realise women like Mrs Birling shouldn't be the head of a charity as they abuse their position in society. The inspector was not successful in making Mrs Birling feel responsible for her part in Eva's suicide. Mr and Mrs Birling's son Eric is somewhat of an alcoholic although his parents don't know. He got Eva pregnant and he gave her money to help but when she found out it was stolen she refused to keep it. The inspector allows him to leave the stage; this gives the Inspector time to talk to the others, getting most of the story before the big revelation about Eric being the father of Eva's baby. When Eric comes back into the room he says "You know, don't you?" this tells us that Eric is hiding something from the family bring in the room a more truthful atmosphere however it suggests also that Eric's life seems a bit more darker and brings in also the atmosphere of eeriness. ...read more.


"I don't come into this suicide business" suggests that Gerald is hiding something or that he doesn't want to be apart of a situation where things may seem to be spiralling out of control and more and more secrets are being told in the room where the atmosphere is slowly becoming a more truthful one, however Gerald saying this strongly suggests he does play a big role in the suicide and he is trying to avoid being sucked into the truthful atmosphere. Priestley wanted the audience realise that young men from aristocratic families with a lot of wealth my not be able to change so easily. The inspector was not successful in making Gerald feel responsible for his part in Eva's suicide. The inspector had most effect on Shelia and Gerald as both of them felt responsible for their part in Eva's death. The most effective tactics that Inspector Goole used were that he speaks carefully, weightily and has a disconcerting habit of looking hard at the person he addresses. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Amy Dack ...read more.

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