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In Araby, a lot of attention has been on the character who is an unnamed boy.

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Araby Essay In Araby, a lot of attention has been on the character who is an unnamed boy. The story starts off with a boy and at the end, it ends with an adolescent boy. The main idea of the story is the loss of innocence which is realized by the mature man when he looks back at his past. He is frustrated and mad at himself and learns that love and idealism is foolish after he experiences a moment of epiphany. The boy tells Mangan's sister that he will bring a gift for her because she cannot go to bazaar even though she really wants too. The boy loves her but doesn't have the courage to say it. ...read more.


Early in the story, the feeling that he has for Mangan's sister is described as love by Joyce. But at the end he does want to fall for it because he is now thinking that she doesn't even feel like this for him. At the end he has given up on her and has decided to move on. But this has hurt him so much. He has spent a lot of time constantly thinking about her for nothing. He hasn't got anything out of it. He thinks that love is silly and will never fall for it. After seeing only one stall and the owner who has no interest in him, he is disappointed as he waited for the whole week to come to the bazaar. ...read more.


He now understands the world and see the world now from a different prospective. The world doesn't follow the rule of idealism and can't change anything about it. This examples help support the idea of loss of innocent which is a big part of the story. A lot of attention has been paid to his character. Examples like falling for love, finding the world is not an idealistic place for him has been used in the story to convey this message. The innocence of the character and at the end 'Gazing up into the darkness I saw myself as a creature driven and derided by vanity; and my eyes burned with anguish and anger' says James (292) this quote like makes the audience feel for the character and helps the idea of innocence. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tarak Patel ...read more.

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