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In Chapter one George tells Lennie ”Guys Like Us, Who Work On Ranches, Are The Loneliest Guys In The World.” How Does Steinbeck Develop The Theme Of Loneliness In The Novel

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English Coursework In Chapter one George tells Lennie "Guys Like Us, Who Work On Ranches, Are The Loneliest Guys In The World." How Does Steinbeck Develop The Theme Of Loneliness In The Novel George says to Lennie that people who work on ranches are the loneliest guys in the world because he believes it is true. He believes this because all the people on the ranch, including him, are lonely. The workers on the ranch are lonely because they live as itinerant workers this means that they move around the country looking for work. Constantly moving from ranch to ranch means that there is not enough time for the workers to build proper, long-term friendships. The book is based during the great depression, which happened as a result of the Wall Street crash of 1929, at this time money and jobs were hard to come by this meant that people had to get jobs where ever they could even if it meant constantly moving around the country. For many people who had never had a proper education the ranches were the only option and with the invention of machines jobs on the ranches were becoming scarcer. The workers did not have time to build good friendships with the other workers and even if they did they would lose their friends when they went to a new ranch because it was much harder to find a ranch offing two jobs. ...read more.


Lennie is also holding George back from getting a better job possibly off the ranch. George stays with Lennie thought because he feels responsible for him and maybe a bit of pitiful. Because of Lennie being so dumb George is in control he makes all the decisions and can tell Lennie to do what ever he wants him to do. George and Lennie have a dream to owner their own small plot of land and to live on what they produce themselves. This dream life would be infinitely better than the life they lead now. Candy becomes George and Lennie's friend because he is one of the loneliest characters on the ranch after his dog is shot. Apart from George some of the other characters on the ranch are particularly lonely. These include Crooks, who is lonely because he is black and America at the time the book was set was a raciest place, although Steinbeck himself is not raciest. He is forced to live in a separate room and the only character he ever talks to is Slim. Candy, who is lonely because his only companion on the ranch, his dog, has been killed because it was old and decrepit. Curley's wife is lonely because her husband Curley will not let her talk to any of the men on the ranch, and does not give her the attention she needs. ...read more.


Although the workers think she is a tart she is not really she is just lonely and desperate for attention. The way she behaves as a result of her loneliness leads to Lennie accidentally killing her at the end of the novel, this also then leads on to Lennie's death. Lennie was in the barn playing with the puppies but accidentally killed one. As he tried to cover up what he had done Curley's wife walked in looking for some attention. Lennie did not try to ignore her like the other workers because he does not find her a threat. She enjoys the attention that Lennie gives her. She invites him to stroke her hair, and he does, but when he will not let go she begins to try to get him off. In a panic he tries to keep her quiet so George doesn't find out about the puppy. As she tries harder to get free he starts shaking her in till he breaks her neck. George knows he will go to jail so to help Lennie he kills him. I think George will most likely become very much like the other workers, alone and miserable he will continue to move around the country looking for work. Although it may give him a good break not having Lennie holding him back, He may be able to get off the ranches and get a better job. ...read more.

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