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In filming my own version of Macbeth, I would choose a traditional route to capturing the essence of Shakespeares classic.

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In filming my own version of Macbeth, I would choose a traditional route to capturing the essence of Shakespeare's classic. In keeping with Shakespeare's idea, I would film the piece in the great lands of Scotland. Using one of the famous castles of the land, I would make the time period somewhere around the 11th century. This means that things will be a little primitive, but historically correct. A re-occurring theme in Macbeth is death so the time of year would be fall, because the leaves are falling, and the plants are dying. The season is considered a time symbolic of dying. The costumes in the movie would anything but glamorous. Of this time period, most people would be wearing heavy woolen tunics with fur trimming. To keep warm in cold weather, they could wear animal skins around their legs with leather strapping. The royalty will of the movie will only wear the finest of these materials and the best looking pieces of clothing. Women would wear a heavy wool garment to keep with the chronological fashions. Now, although I would be filming the movie in a 11th century setting, that doesn't stop me from using the latest technology and ideas. Makeup is an important part in the film industry today so of course I would use it to in my picture. ...read more.


The scene takes places in the courtyard of Inverness with Banquo and his son Fleance talking. They are carrying a torch for light, when they notice Macbeth enter. The beginning footage will show the thunder and dark clouds of the night. On this night that Duncan is murdered, it is important to have nature playing a role. Next the zoom will slowly find its way to Banquo and Macbeth where they are talking, but with a moderate soft tone. Only a few seconds after we listen in on their conversation will be the cue for Macbeth's surprised entrance. A loud thunder and a flash of lighting will strike as Macbeth emerges from the shadows of the courtyard. As Banquo and Macbeth are talking, Macbeth will be portrayed as though he has his mind on something else. The two are speaking of the predictions if the witches. At this point, I'll roll flashback footage of Act I and the witches' scene as Banquo's train of thought. Next, showing Macbeth's train of thought, we'll show his flashback footage of the witches, but it is interrupted but a troubling image of a dagger in his mind. Banquo's sensing Macbeth's agitation will leave. Now for more special effects. As Macbeth is struggling with his thoughts, creepy violin music is playing. It stops for a short second, where Macbeth envisions a dagger before him. ...read more.


Next Macbeth turns and grasps his wife and will not let go. He pulls her closer towards his masculine yet murderous body. She discovers he forgot to place the daggers with the drunken chamberlains so as to frame them. He refuses to go back to the scene of the crime, so she undertakes the task herself. As she leaves, a loud knocking is heard far in the distant parts of the castle. As it seems to get louder, Macbeth becomes almost terrified. He seems confused as to if the knocking is actually getting louder or is it him overplaying it. This is when Lady Macbeth reenters and begins once again to calm Macbeth. She reassures him that with a little water, he would be cleared of this murder. Her sexual being is her power of persuasion over Macbeth. The once all darkness of the room has gone as dawn draws near. The loud knocking almost drives Macbeth to a panic but it is Lady Macbeth's presence their to calm him. The scene here ends with Lady Macbeth attempting to control Macbeth with the easy idea of washing their hands. As they are both washing, Macbeth's mind is playing tricks on him and as much as he washes his hands, it seems like they are still covered in blood. Lady Macbeth brings him to bed in a hope to calm his nervous agitated being. The knocking occurs one final time before the scene is brought to an abrupt end. ...read more.

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