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In her short story, Mother Tongue, Amy Tan claims her Chinese decent mother uses as what people say a very broken type of English

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´╗┐Owens Keera Owens Ms. Thomas ENG 1101 TR 10:45 August 22, 2012 Reading Response: Mother Tongue In her short story, Mother Tongue, Amy Tan claims her Chinese decent mother uses as what people say a very broken type of English while Amy Tan on the other hand speaks a variety of English languages and sees nothing wrong with her mothers. Although Amy Tan found herself ashamed of her mother?s English at a younger age she has now come to a realization that her mother has her own way of speaking and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. ...read more.


I found the story to be very amusing and something I could very much relate to. I for one am not bilingual but my mother, who speaks both English and Spanish on the other hand is. The only difference is my mother speaks English perfectly well as if she doesn?t even know Spanish at all. I couldn?t really relate to Amy?s feeling of embarrassment but while reading her scenarios I could understand why she felt that way. ...read more.


People will judge you on the way you speak and Amy Tan has learned how to embrace the way she speaks. There are not many Asian Americans represented in English literature but surveys say Asian students do significantly better on math achievement test than in English (67). This may very well be because there are other Asian-American students whose English at home could be described as ?broken? (67). This story may very well be relatable and inspiring for anyone experiencing the same issue. Amy Tan later became an English major wring about her mother because in the end she wants people to see her mother the way she perceives her (68). ...read more.

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