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In Hiding

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In Hiding I had to find somewhere to hide. If I didn't, I would be caught. I could hear the allies in the distance. I had been separated. My adrenaline was rushing. I knew I could not stop under any circumstances, my time was running out. The enemy could be on my trail in seconds rather than minutes. Ahead I could see a brick wall with a massive, dense bush just in front of it. I didn't want to risk going on. This would have to do. The gloominess of the early evening provided long shadows, making it easier to be hidden in this bush. Luckily there was a thinning of the branches in the bush that I could stand in. The ends of some of the thicker branches were catching on my camouflaged sleeves. However, this was the least of my worries. I had to be alert. If the enemy found me, I would be taken for sure. In the near distance, I heard movement. It must be the enemy. I crouched down, the foliage was thicker lower down. It was less likely that I would be found then. I couldn't see out from the bush. ...read more.


A breeze picked up, making the nearby trees sway. It also made the branches of the bush we were in rustle. This was good, it meant that I could slightly move the branch to see if anyone was there. Slowly and carefully, I pulled back as few branches as I needed. I could see a long shadow moving nearby. It was definitely in the shape of an elongated human. The enemy was nearby. I warned my comrade. He looked surprisingly calm for the situation. I suppose we've always been told to remain calm in adverse circumstances. As quietly as I could, I took a few deep breaths. This calmed me down a lot. The footsteps came closer and closer. We held our breath for fear of discovery. Even with the long shadows, they must have seen the exact bush next to the wall that we were in. They paused. There was some muttering. We could almost make out what they were saying. I think that it was something about where they had looked. I began to lose my calm again. They had pretty much looked everywhere. They must know where we are now through elimination, if not by the sound of my shaking. ...read more.


We stood up together, keeping our heads stooped to avoid being seen through the thinner top branches of the bush. Just as we were about to go back down again, I saw it. I glanced to my left. There was a third head there. I screamed. The shock of seeing the head without warning was staggering. I was clinging to my comrade, who was also in such a state of shock. "I've found you." These words were said in a quiet chilling voice. What was even worse was that he then called to his companions: "I've found them! Over here, by the brick wall." I could hear footsteps approaching from all directions. This was it...the end. "So that's where you were," and "Nice hiding place," were among the many comments from the remainder of the enemy as they appeared at our bush. They had surrounded us now. It was the end and we knew it. "We found you, it's your time to count now" one of them said. "Count to fifty and then you've got to come and find..." Before he could finish this though, my mum came out of the nearby door. "Time to come in boys, its getting dark and you can't play hide and seek in the dark now, can you?" "But mum..." 1 Jenny Eyre, 11M ...read more.

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