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"In Hiding"

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"In Hiding" From that day on, I lived, ate and washed in our small sinister cupboard under the rotting wooden staircase. It was the day that Britain declared war on Germany, since that day I have hated and despised anyone German, I could never forgive a nation that murdered my family and caused such devastation to my home land. I vividly remember visiting my aunt who was a little richer than us most weekends in the run up to the war; it was such a treat because she owned a black and white television. My brother and I always wanted to watch the films but my parents insisted on watching the news; I can picture even now the blurred clips of Hitler talking to his troops, my brother and I used to tremble as he spoke. My mother always used to sympathize with us; were as my father used to get very irritable and rather cross with both my mother and us. My mother use to work in a factory and my father was a fugitive of the Home Guards; instead he worked in the mines pulling along the heavy coal carts. ...read more.


It was the same when mother and father came home Michael and I still stayed under the cupboard; my father would tell us we're stupid then he would start arguing with my mother over the silliest of things. Sometimes he would even hit my mother with his bare fist just because she would not agree with him. This often meant that for several nights in a row Michael and I would go with no supper. I suppose after a while our bodies got use to it and we would just cope and someday die. I was always afraid that he might hit us, like he did our mother; but to this day he never has. Every night I remember my father drawing the curtains before it was even dark; plummeting the house into total darkness, apart from the sparse candles that lit the rooms. My mother told Michael and I that everybody had to do this; so that the Germans could see no light from the dark night sky to indicate to them were to drop their bombs. This period was called "The Blackout" when the German planes bombed major cities through the darkness of nightfall. ...read more.


I dropped straight off after that tiring run, after eating some vegetable scraps on the floor around me. Next morning I woke to the hustle and bustle of passers by; I remember feeling like I had slept for a whole month. As I became aware of my surroundings I noticed that very few of the shops I had seen the previous night were actually open. People seemed to crowd round a single shop, I recollect deciding to go and have a look; the biggest mistake of my life. As I stumbled over in my oversize shoes people stared at me in disgust. I managed to hustle myself through the large crowd of agitated adults; I realized they were all queuing to purchase the mornings paper. I glanced over the papers with very little interest, until I reached the daily mail, when I let out the loudest scream and bought about utter silence. On the front page was a picture of what was once a row of houses, now a pile of rubble; the only thing left standing was the road sign, which read "Baker Street". This meant that now my whole family lay dead under tons of rubble; the previous night I felt I wanted to be alone, but know I didn't know what I wanted or what to do. Tom Queally English Coursework Mr. Griffin ...read more.

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