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In his novel, So Much to Tell You, John Marsden [IS1] presents a traumatised teenager who makes progress[IS2] through friendship[IS3] . Important friendships Marina encountered include those with school friends, her councillor, Mrs Ransome

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Example essay: Question: Through friendship, Marina progress. Explore this statement and comment on how the reader is positioned to viewed Intro: In his novel, 'So Much to Tell You', John Marsden [IS1]presents a traumatised teenager who makes progress[IS2] through friendship[IS3]. Important friendships Marina encountered include those with school friends, her councillor, Mrs Ransome and crucially, her father.[IS4] When witnessing Marina's progress, the reader is positioned [IS5]to feel sympathy, relief, and joy as the novel develops. Body Paragraph 1: The reader is first introduced to Marina in Chapter 1 when the author/ Marsden reflect her thoughts as she has recorded them in her diary. However, over time and though growing friendships, Marina makes great progress[IS6]. Marina is an elective mute and seems isolated. She states that she is, 'very embarrassed at being noticed' [IS7]and 'uses only grey school blankets' [IS8]as if to facilitate hiding. Marina has experience a traumatic accident that has resulted significant scaring to her face. ...read more.


In fact, she has physically bruised herself pressed into the wall as hard as could be in order to escape scrutiny. However, following the conflicted with Cathy, Marina reflects that 'I felt scared and very sick inside... but didn't run away like I normally do.' [IS15]Here it is clear to the reader that Marina is developing[IS16] and this makes the reader feel optimistic for her. Later in another important progression[IS17], Cathy writes a note to Marina apologising. There is also a gesture of sympathy when Cathy brings her a 'cup of Milo'[IS18], and although this leaves her disarmed- 'in a shocked heap of little pieces[IS19],' life and friendships are certainly improving[IS20] for Marina. As their relationship develops,[IS21] Cathy's family sends flowers, and eventually their friendship[IS22] will take on a more conventional nature when Marina visits her home and participates in normal family life. It is highly satisfying for the reader[IS23] when Marina contentedly says, 'I'm so glad I came here now!' ...read more.


Over time it becomes clear to Marina that crying can be cathartic and she feels relieved and 'glad' to get it out. Ultimately, its Mr Lindell's intention that results in Marina being sent back to Warrington to the people she has steadily come to consider friends. Marina notes privately, 'I guess I have come to like them.' [IS30]It is because of her growing friendship[IS31] with Mr Lindell that Marina feels she can appeal to him when her enrolment at the school is jeopardised. The reader[IS32] sees this relationship as a very positive one he has influence and tremendous kindness. His interaction represent a significant step [IS33]on her road to recovery. [IS1]Author and TItle [IS2]Question [IS3]Question again [IS4]Three areas of focus [IS5]Reader position-refer to question [IS6]Addressing the question using language [IS7]Quotation [IS8]Quotation [IS9]Author [IS10]Quotation [IS11]Comment language-don't play spot the metaphor though [IS12]Reader position [IS13]Quotation [IS14]Address question [IS15]Establish content of question. Quote [IS16]Addressed the question with a synonym, to avoid repetitious effect. [IS17]Language of questions [IS18]Quotation [IS19]Quotation [IS20]Synonym-addressing the question [IS21]Referring to question [IS22]Question [IS23]Reader positioning [IS24]Address Question [IS25]Dropping a one word qoute [IS26]Quote [IS27]Quotation [IS28]Quotation [IS29]Quotation [IS30]Quote [IS31]Question [IS32]Reader positioning [IS33]Synonym to question ...read more.

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