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In its depiction of teenagers, their problems dealing with their peers and their parents, “Romeo and Juliet” is as relevant today (early 21st Century) as it was when it was written. Discuss.

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ROMEO AND JULIET by William Shakespeare In its depiction of teenagers, their problems dealing with their peers and their parents, "Romeo and Juliet" is as relevant today (early 21st Century) as it was when it was written. Discuss. Teenagers of today have a lot of pressures and problems. They have to get good grades in school to get some where in life. This is difficult because each year the students are expected to do better than last year. This puts a great deal of pressure on them. Their parents also put a large amount of pressure on their children purely because they expect so much from them. Teenagers can also get stressed or feel a lot of pressure from their friends. I think that this usually is things like sport labels, clothes and sometimes the opposite sex. The end result of this is most likely teasing or bulling. Some teenagers bring stress on themselves if they are to shy to talk to the opposite sex for whatever reason or if they do talk to them and they do or say something idiotic. ...read more.


Montague then says that he has been seen there many mornings with tears. "Many a morning hath he be there been seen, With tears augmenting the fresh morning's dew". This is another prime example that of the Montagues showing concern for Romeo. I think that Romeo doesn't behave like a regular teenager at this part of the book. He is only fifteen or sixteen and he goes off crying in a wood because he loves Rosalyn and she does not return the love. I don't think that he is a very believable character but when he re-enters later in the play (act 2: Scene 1) he becomes a very powerful and strong willed character. The Capulets are equally concerned for the welfare of their daughter, Juliet. Capulet, Juliet's father, wants her to marry Count Paris. Paris is a nobleman and loyal kinsman to the Prince. He is an eligible bachelor. Juliet is a good daughter and doesn't want to upset or disappoint her father. ...read more.


kills Romeo's friend Mercutio. Because of Romeo and Juliet's marriage Romeo should not have gone onto slay Tybalt. Because of this Romeo is banished from Verona. I think that Romeo was foolish to attend his friend's death because there is nothing, which he could have done to bring him back to life. Now Juliet could not even see him and there play for them to stay together would never had to have taken place, so they couldn't be dead. Romeo and Juliet were willing to risk everything even their lives to be with one another. I think that this show s a lot of courage and strength of the youth. As so often the adults only learn the lesson at the end when it is too late. I think that Friar Lawrence is a very wise man and he has good motives. The only reason he married the young adults is so that it might stop the feuds between the Montagues and the Capulets. At the end of the play the families realize the distraught which they have brought upon themselves. DANIEL FLETCHER April 2001 ...read more.

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