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In Keats` Narrative Poems We Find A Wide Range Of Subject Matter And Styles, Discuss And Illustrate

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In Keats` Narrative Poems We Find A Wide Range Of Subject Matter And Styles, Discuss And Illustrate Keats` poems differentiate in style from many traditional writers such as Shakespeare and Spencer. He revolutionises his poems and creates new styles of writing in his narratives and odes. His narrative poems gain influence from different subjects such as Greek Gods and Romanticism. Although Keats` varies in his style of writing on of the main forms he uses for his narrative poems is couplets; pair of rhymed lines. He resists the formal 18th century style by creating a looser and more natural flow in his narratives, allowing him to spread his wings when writing poetry. In his narrative poems, we also see his varied use of enjambment which helps personalise as well as break the barriers of traditional style writing. ...read more.


We can see how Keats' has chosen to create freedom for himself when writing by having enjambment, and varied use of caesura. This allows him to write more liberally and also allows him to create a more varied and interesting poem rather than focusing on having every two lines a closed unit which has to rhyme. We can see by looking at the poem that he varies his use of punctuation which helps modernise and personalise "Lamia" rather than following traditional styles in his poetry. As it is a long poem, his varied use of caesura and punctuation suits this long narrative style of writing. "Eve Of St Agnes" is written in a very different way from "Lamia" and uses Spenserian stanza's. ...read more.


Another thing we notice in this poem, is that each end line of each stanza is longer than the rest of the lines in the stanza. This helps put the stanza to an end, which Keats also does by writing as if he is ending each short story. "She comes, she comes again, like ring-dove fray'd and fled." The way he has written "Eve Of St Agnes" suits its purpose. His use of tableaux's let the reader imagine each stanza as an image. Another way in which Keats' wrote was Ballad form. One of his Ballad form poems was "La Belle Dame Sans Merci." This poem has been written with medieval influences. In the Medieval times, poems were spoken aloud in groups so Keats' had to write in a style so that readers could have remembered. This is why the poem is rich in repetition, rhyme and rhythm. ...read more.

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