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In Lord of the Flies,how does William Golding use the literary tradition of the adventure story to explore deeper aspects of human life

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the In Lord of the Flies, William Golding uses the literary tradition of the adventure story to explore deeper aspects of human life. William Golding uses the tradition of the adventure story to explore the deeper aspects of human life. An adventure story is a story, which includes danger, panic etc., which are not resolved until the end - the reader is gripped by the excitement and wants to carry on reading until the end. There are many adventure stories that are popular on today's market such as Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkein and Harry Potter by J.K Rowing. Coral Island is adventure story muck like Lord of the Flies. Golding wrote Lord of the Flies partly as a reaction towards Coral Island. Coral Island has three main characters Jack, 18, Ralph, 15 and Peterkin who is around 12 0r 13. ...read more.


In Coral island the evil arrives with outside dangers, but the evil in Lord of the Flies is from inside the boys. Lord of the Flies is a novel in which a group of schoolboys are stranded on a desert island following a plane crash in which all adults are killed. They vote for a chief, make a signal fire, build shelters and kill pigs for food. But soon the rivalry between Ralph, the chief, and Jack, leader of the hunters, becomes so great that Jack forms his own tribe. The two groups fight for power and supreme leadership but eventually Jack wins and nearly all of the boys join his tribe. After Piggy and Simon are killed, and Sam 'n' Eric are forced to become part of Jack's tribe, only Ralph is 'unconverted'. ...read more.


Simon represents goodness; he is a Christ-like figure. He is always good, helpful and never descends to the savagery that the other boys - he is the only one who helps with the shelters and does what Ralph says. Jack represents savagery and the decline to anarchy. He never agrees with Ralph's judgements and ideas and he never does what he needs. He is the first one to kill another living thing on the island and this is our first sign that the boys are never going to work properly as a group. Roger represents pure evil and dishonesty. He bullies the younger boys, is scornful towards Piggy and never respects the views of the other boys. Sam and Eric represent alliance, loyalty and unity. They always do the same as each other. Being twins they become known as 'Samneric' as other boys can never tell them apart. ...read more.

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