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In many ways, 'AVFB' is a typical 20th Century tragedy because it involves acts of violence and death. There is also a tragic hero in the play, who causes most of the problems however we feel sympathy for him when he dies at the end

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A View From the Bridge (Write title question) In many ways, 'AVFB' is a typical 20th Century tragedy because it involves acts of violence and death. There is also a tragic hero in the play, who causes most of the problems however we feel sympathy for him when he dies at the end. At the start of the play, Arthur Miller creates audience sympathy for Eddie because he talks about the play, and his predictable ending by Alfieri. He talks about Eddies' character as a hardworking, responsible and caring man towards his family. He has a strong sense of loyalty towards his community and feels it is 'an honour' to help the immigrants and to keep their secret. He also looks out for Catherine, his niece and protects her like a daughter and loves his wife. In the beginning we would judge Eddie as a typical Italian man who goes by the rules and has respect for his family. From the start of the play we can tell that Eddie really cares about Catherine. However further into the play he becomes overprotective for her by controlling what she wears, where she goes and almost trying to stop her from growing up. ...read more.


At this instant most people would be very shocked and horrified about his actions. After kissing Rodolpho, he tells Alfieri that 'he didn't give me the right kind of fight, Mr Alfieri the guy aint right'. This suggests he thinks Rodolpho did not try to get him off and once again in some way he tries to convey that he may be homosexual. Some may understand the purpose of the kiss to be a test to prove Rodolpho is not a real man. Others may think he is just taking the situation too far and cant control his feelings towards Catherine. What he does makes Catherine feel disgusted and makes the audience start to anticipate what will happen next. He then turns to Alfieri for further advice on what to do but Alfieri tells him he has 'no rights' and 'she is a free agent' Eddie feels there is only one more way to turn. He takes matter to the immigration office and reports Rodolpho as an immigrant. At this stage Eddie looks like a hypocrite as he is going back on his word earlier in the play when he says he would never call the immigration. ...read more.


This goes back to the name of the title. As an Italian lawyer, Alfieri has come across similar cases like Eddies and in each one has seen a similar ending. In the play he tells us that he could see every step coming. He describes Eddie's eyes as 'tunnels' like darkness to him. My interpretation to this would be that he is trying to say Eddie had an almost chilling look that made it more clear to Alfieri how this would end. He tells his speeches like he can see all the things that will happen and that will happen similar to the meaning of 'A view from the bridge', in both cases there is a clear outlook of all the aspects. He talks about times when he felt 'powerless' over the 'bloody course' as if there was a sense of destiny about it that couldn't be stopped. No matter who Alfieri asked for help or how much he tried to keep Eddie from doing the wrong thing he would not listen. Once Eddie had lost control over his thoughts and feelings, there was no going back, which is a typical feature of a tragedy as the downfall of the 'hero' is often inevitable. By Hasina ...read more.

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