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In Montana 1948, written by Larry Watson, the events that took place irrevocably changed David Hayden's life in several ways, both good and bad. The novel Montana 1948, is written from the point

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Essay Plan How is David Hayden's life irrevocably changed by the events of 1948? Irrevocably - Unable to be changed or revoked, irreversibly. Event 1: Marie Little Soldier's death. * Made him feel uncomfortable in his own home * he felt like there was "death in the house" which made him uncomfortable * "every door seemed to require a bit more effort to open and close. There always seemed to be a sound - a whisper - on the edge of your hearing, something you couldn't quite make out" * no longer believed that his father was not a true sheriff * "to think I once believed the hardest part of his job would be the dangerous criminals he might face" * " father didn't fit my ideal of what he should be" Event 2: Frank's crimes * changed the way he thought about Uncle Frank * couldn't "continue thinking" of Uncle Frank "the way he always had" * "charming, ...read more.


There always seemed to be a sound - a whisper - on the edge of your hearing, something you couldn't quite make out." The death of Marie also altered the way that he thought about his father, in that before he thought that he was not a true sheriff, saying that he "didn't even look like a proper sheriff" and that he carried "the wrong kind of gun for a sheriff." However, after Marie passed away, David went on to realise that the "hardest part of his job" was not the "dangerous criminals he might face", but doing such tasks as notifying family of a deceased person like he did with Marie. This eventually changed David so that he no longer felt that he "didn't fit his ideal of what he should be." David's knowledge of his Uncle Frank's crimes, especially the murder of Little Marie Soldier, also permanently changed his life, as after that he could no loner think about Frank in the same way. ...read more.


The division in his family is evident when, at Frank's funeral, each faction stood on opposite sides of the grave and "not one of them would dream of leaping across it." This remark made by David shows that there was a clear dissection between himself and his parents, and his grandparents and aunty. Despite this the cover-up of Frank's death also transformed David's life by giving a cynical approach to history, as the event meant that he no longer believed in the "purity and certainty" of history. In the tale, Montana 1948, the life of David Hayden is undoubtedly forever distorted by the proceedings of 1948, both in positive and negative ways. The events go on to change his views on his father, as he then gains respect for his occupation. Yet in spite of this, his life is also changed for the worse as his family is divided, he loses respect for his Uncle Frank and with the concealment of his death, history. Word Count - 573 words ?? ?? ?? ?? David Anthony 11.17 ...read more.

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