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In my essay Im going to compare two poems, which are To His Coy Mistress and My Last Duchess.

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To his Coy Mistress vs. My Last Duchess In my essay I'm going to compare two poems, which are 'To His Coy Mistress' and 'My Last Duchess'. I am going to show their similarities and differences, but also the ways they are written and what makes them so powerful. For the first, both poems have something to do with women, in the poem: 'To His Coy Mistress' the narrator (the main speaker) is trying to get the women he is speaking to, to have sex with him, unlike in poem: 'My Last Duchess ' where the main speaker is trying to say that his wife was a cheat and didn't really love him. The Duke is an insecure character - "she smiled, no doubt, whene'ver I passed her; but who passed without much the same smile?" This quote shows that the Duke wants her to just smile for him. ...read more.


It makes women look a bit stupid or/and that they seem to be like prostitutes, in our eyes. In the poem: 'My Last Duchess', women are treated quite similar to the other poem (THCM)- They are again shown a bit like prostitutes that would cheat on their husbands and have sex with everyone else that gives them a good smile. They are also shown as people who do not respect anything or anyone (especially when the main speaker says that his wife did not have enough respect for his 'gift of a nine-hundred year old name'. It tells us the Duke has an old and powerful family, but still shows he is insecure because he says she will rank it with anybody's gift. The fact that he keeps her painting behind a curtain shows he's trying to keep her for himself, and doesn't want anybody to see her smile. ...read more.


anytime and get her all-preserved virginity eaten by worms, which is particularly clever and makes her think that: 'oh no I wouldn't want that' and convinces her to have sex with him quickly because she can die anytime, in the final stage he talks about that, that if she will not have sex with him now then she's going to miss all the fun and will regret that she didn't have sex with him now, making her feel, the reader could say- sometimes even guilty, making her think and really do it. When 'My Last Duchess' was written, women didn't really matter. They didn't have a reputation or the social rank of men. We can see this in the poem with the Duke's language. The statue of Neptune at the end of the poem could represent Neptune being a man and he is 'taming' a woman. In conclusion, both men use clever language to describe and hide their feelings. They both treat women badly and as less important. ...read more.

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