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In order for the United States to progress in todays global race, a need for better education for the young population is vital.

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A dire need of better education will solve national dilemmas A mother arrives home to a barren waste of a shack that creaks every time a scant breeze blows through the air. She brings home inadequate nourishment for her two kids, her two kids that are part of the next generation. This poverty stricken family has to scratch and claw to continue and exist in life. There are numerous families in this country that experience these identical hardships of living. For any individual, education is the fundamental key to a prosperous life. In order for the United States to progress in today?s global race, a need for better education for the young population is vital. The U.S. needs to expiate, and place an emphasis and money on education, in order to remain a supreme nation. Dropout rates from college and even high school are unbelievably overwhelming. The number of people sitting at home on their couches being slothful is unbelievably overwhelming. The percentage of corporations taking businesses and money outside the U.S. is becoming overwhelming. The collapsing economy is forcing many families into poverty. ...read more.


These lands are prospering due to their push in education. Many students in the American system, each year are failing, due to their slothfulness and their sluggish attempt to try. When students fail a grade level, they hurt not only themselves, but also the economy. Delinquent students put a financial burden of having to add another extra year of tax dollars for every student who did not pass his or her grade. These students, most of the time, are the students that are raucous in the classrooms and tend not to obtain a high school diploma. This is one major reason for high school dropouts. So if retention was illicit, then possibly, a smaller percentage of tax money would be spent on these unsuccessful students. The rate of high school dropouts are considerably at a new, all time high. All of these dropouts are now unable to continue their pursuit of an education for a better life. This percentage directly affects and drops the percentage of college graduation rates. Due to this, there now becomes a less intelligent population. ...read more.


Universities in this era show more interests in a student?s money, than actually giving an education to the student. Students are becoming penniless from attempting to gain additional education. A broken, poor college student would not be able to contribute in the money flow of the economy, since the economy needs money. An over investment of money in Universities for an education, is impairing the financial system. In the economy, there are other places where money is in dire necessity in order to subsist in this world. More tax cuts for businesses allows them to catch a break and possess more money, therefore contributing more to the cash flow. Education is the solution to this economic crisis that the U.S. is experiencing. Lowering the high school dropout rates, raising the percentage of more college degree holders, will help lead the American economy back to prosperity. Students need an education while the economy needs the student for workers. The effort for students to endeavor and gain an education is necessary. The effort put out by teachers to aid and administer knowledge unto students is necessary. The effort from the political legislature to modify the education system is necessary. In order for the American population to survive, a need for better educations for today?s students is necessary. ...read more.

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