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In Romeo and Juliet how does Shakespearepresent familial love in the Capulet family?

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In Romeo and Juliet how does Shakespeare present familial love in the Capulet family? Shakespeare's play is set in Verona in about the 12th or 13th century. It is in this post-medieval period of romance that Shakespeare locates the action. The play begins in mid July and takes place in opulent settings of wealth and luxury. The heat adds to the tension and irribility in the play. Throughout the play the Capulet family has been associated with control rather then allowing their daughter the freedom to explore and choose for herself, they want to carry on the tradition of arranged marriages. There is also the suggestion that the Capulet marriage was also arranged, and that Juliet's mother was bespoken to Lord Capulet in the same way she now wishes to see her daughter married. Family relationships today, are closer then in the 12th and 13th century. There are now no arranged marriages, and girls don't have to marry at a young age if they don't want to. ...read more.


The Capulet family relationship isn't very close and there isn't a loving bond between mother and daughter, and father and daughter. In the early scenes of the play Juliet is an obedient, willing daughter, during the play she matures and speaks her own mind and opinions. From familiar love Juliet has moved to romantic, true love. Her father also changes, from a loving, and caring, protective father, to a furious, persistent, brutal, harsh parent, forcing Juliet to marry, someone she doesn't love. In the beginning, Capulet doesn't force Juliet to marry, he thinks that she is too young, a few days later and his mind has completely changed and he is forcing her to marry. Throughout the conversations between Juliet and her mother, Lady Capulet shows a lack of understanding and there is an awkward, uncomfortable atmosphere which heightens our sensitivity to Juliet's plight. Lady Capulet is very formal, distant and aloof when talking to her daughter, she does not seem to know what to do or say to Juliet. ...read more.


As the tension is growing, Capulet comes in wearing red robes and a golden crown, to show that he is head of the house, and the boss of the family. When Capulet hears that Juliet isn't pleased with the news, he is enraged and the yellow glow turns to a fiery red, making the atmosphere very tense and dramatic. This scene is very explosive and violent between Juliet and her father Capulet, they argue and fights grow. Juliet would look very weak, scared and defenceless, against her father. Her walk would be a scurry, as she would try to flee away from her raging father. By the end of the scene the relationship between the Capulet family changes and is now the complete opposite, instead of Juliet's family being caring and thoughtful towards their daughter they have now turned against her, even the nurse. Juliet finds herself in an awkward situation, her whole family has turned against her and she is all alone. At the end of this scene the audience would feel sympathetic towards Juliet, but intrigued in what might happen next in the story. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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