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In scene one of act three Mercutio fights Tybalt, Mercutio is killed, and in reaction to this Romeo

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GCSE English coursework The situation is that Juliet has to face, is that she is married to Romeo a Montague and her family's enemy. In scene one of act three Mercutio fights Tybalt, Mercutio is killed, and in reaction to this Romeo goes after Tybalt and kills him. This then leads Romeo to be banished by the Prince. Although Romeo is banished, Romeo and Juliet still spend their wedding night together. Juliet feels loved completely because she has Romeo for support, the Nurse, and she also thinks that her family would continue to take her, as that is their only child. Juliet is gradually rejected by her parents, when she turns to the nurse she is told by her that it is better to marry Paris, so she is gradually getting more and more isolated from her family. However the dramatic importance in this scene is that we see Juliet's inner strength of character, as she does not give in to her family's demands. Our impression of Juliet earlier in the play is that she is very decisive as she had insisted that Romeo marry her before consulting any of her family or friends, also she takes no time and asks on their first date which shows she is decisive an firm. ...read more.


When Juliet is told about the arranged marriage she is angry and horrified because she is already married. She declines to marry Paris and she says 'I will not marry yet' which shows she is buying time to try and get out of marrying Paris. Juliet cleverly disguises her love for Romeo by saying 'I swear it shall be Romeo, whom you know I hate '. She says this to hide her love. There is dramatic when Lady Capulet says 'I would the fool were married to her grave ' Because Juliet eventually takes her life. Juliet is so desperate not top marry Paris that she threatens to kill herself over the whole dilemma. Lady Capulet rejects Juliet and says ' talk to me for I will not speak a word do as thou wilt, for I have done with thee'. This shows that she doesn't care anymore and she is done with her and wants nothing more to do with her this then leads Juliet to being 'deserted by everyone'. When Paris approaches Capulet, Capulet says to Paris that she is too young to marry and that she has not changed much in fourteen years, this shows Capulet Love to Juliet and how he is in her best interest. ...read more.


Juliet has never given up and is always trying to find ways out of the dilemma. We have the impression that she is strong and willing to go on to get herself out of this mess, she now has to stand alone, despite what her family have said, including the terrible threat to reject her from the house and the family. I think that Juliet did make the better decision by not marrying Paris because if she did then it would have been an act of bigamy and in her view; she would have gone to hell. The dramatic importance of this scene is that Juliet is married to Romeo and that she cannot marry another person, her family don't know this because she kept it a secret from the people she knew would be against it. The Importance of this scene is that Juliet keeps getting more and more deserted and she starts to become enemies with the Nurse and her family, she is pressured by her options on what to do and is slowly pushed to the edge. Juliet feels that she can't really cope anymore and that if all else fails then she will kill herself. The scene has weighed the balance against Juliet and Romeo. When she next sees Romeo he is dead and she then commits suicide herself. ...read more.

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