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In Shakespeare

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In Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet", he portrays the idealistic perception of love in Shakespeare's time. He shows how the partner's wealth and social background was the main factor in marriage, as opposed to modern day passionate love, which is drawn by attraction and compatibility. Arranged marriages were accepted by the people from the time without any consideration of happiness. But if our parents controlled our marriages we would rebel excessively. In "Romeo and Juliet" it shows for the first time emotional attachment divergent to the conventional filial duty. In the play he shows love is the main ingredient to a strong unity. That there really was an existence of "star crossed lover", also that love can exist without filial duty, but he also shows a tragic ending, showing that maybe his generation wasn't ready for this kind of love, but might become acceptable in the future. In the play, Shakespeare uses a lot of illuminating quotations from the play, illustrating a range of themes such as light and dark, sun/moons/stars and sociology. He uses stars to emphasize the fact they were star crossed lovers. Sociology is the main theme throughout, showing that in those days it really was important, I think he also wanted to prove it was a big flaw to their society. This needed to be changed. Illuminating images was used to show how much they needed each other, that they were each others light source in life, which helped them to survive and without that light source they may as well be dead. ...read more.


Juliet never had a nurse she would of obeyed her parents and married Paris, the nurse accepted Romeo, Juliet considered the nurse more of a mother than lady Capulet, so she would follow in the nurses example. Lady Capulet wants Juliet to marry Paris, but because of the pressures and expectation she lays upon Juliet, Juliet disobeys her and marries Romeo. I think this drive played an important part in their marriage. Juliet grew up with no real affection, just her mother teaching her about the social expectation their family had, and introduced enemies at an early age. I think this troubled Juliet, she felt like she had no one to love; Romeo however gave her that affection she had never felt. So I think this gave some justification in Juliet marrying Romeo. Lady Capulet and the nurse have a long conversation about Juliet, lady Capulet says "here in Verona, ladies of esteem, are made already mother" showing expectations for Juliet. The meeting of Romeo and Juliet is at a Capulet party were Romeo is disguised in a mask. When Romeo first sees Juliet for the first time, he is struck by her beauty. The imagery used gives an important insight into their relationship. Romeo initially describes Juliet as a source of light; like a star, against the darkness "she doth teach the torches to burn bright! It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night". ...read more.


So from their death they stopped an ancient feud, changed the social status of conventional love and taught Verona that true love, was the only question concerned in marriage. Romeo and Juliet were both very spirited and religious people, as shown in the monologue, so they probably believed they could be together in after life. So I think the union between Romeo and Juliet was worth it in the end, as it brought two families together and changed the perception of love. I personally don't think there was any other ending for Romeo and Juliet, as it was their destiny in the prologue is says "star-crossed lovers" we associate stars with fate. Although fate was against them, with the note not reaching Romeo, Juliet waking up just after Romeo killed himself and them being placed on two difference side of a feud. It was obvious they weren't destined to be together in this life time. I believe it was always their destiny to dies and change history forever. So overall Romeo and Juliet let their emotional side overpower them, they were only immature teenagers, that put their judgement in the hand of the wrong people; but this was the only way to get through to their parent's obsession with an ancient feud. They didn't even now the cause of the feud. They proved that when love was involved nothing else matters and how the constant fighting would eventually bring everyone to a early grave. I think the only way they could stop the feud, was to take away something the Capulet and montagues both loved more "Romeo and Juliet". ...read more.

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