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In "Superman and Paula Browns New Snowsuit" the main character feels betrayed by others. Compare how feelings of betrayal are shown in this story and another story of your choice.

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In "Superman and Paula Browns New Snowsuit" the main character feels betrayed by others. Compare how feelings of betrayal are shown in this story and another story of your choice. a) The ways in which the main character is let down by others. b) How the authors show the feelings of betrayal by the way in which they write. c) Differences in the stories. I am going to talk about themes of betrayal, comparing "Superman and Paula Browns New Snowsuit" and "Chemistry". In both of these stories, some characters are betrayed. The narrator in "Superman and Paula Browns New Snowsuit" is betrayed by her community when they think she is guilty of pushing over Paula Brown and ruining her new coat. She felt especially betrayed by her Uncle Frank, whom she compares with Superman, as he is her hero in the story. When he does not believe her, she describes it as; "the year the war began and the real world, and the difference." The experience taught her lesson, and marks the end of her childhood. In "Chemistry", it is Grandfather, who is betrayed by his daughter and Ralph. The narrator, his widowed mother and grandfather once lived together in harmony in the grandfathers' house. Their harmony is disturbed by the arrival of Ralph, his mothers' boyfriend. Grandfather becomes increasingly isolated when his daughter and Ralph are mean to him so he retires to his shed, and eventually commits suicide, leaving the others to begin a new life. ...read more.


Grandfather betrayed her in the end by killing himself, he described it as, "death is a deceptive business", meaning when you die you are not really gone because others remember you. The narrator did not betray anyone in "Chemistry" but he was being betrayed by his mother for bringing Ralph into their lives and for upsetting Grandfather. The narrator was going to throw acid on Ralph but because of Grandfathers death, he did not. Although both stories were told from the narrators' point of view, by children, one narrator was a boy and one was a girl. This makes the stories different as the boys' point of view is much more factual, with less opinion and emotion shown in the story, even though in real life this must not be so. The narrator scarcely says anything about anyone's feeling, and when he does he tells it by showing exactly what happened by using examples of speech, "Why don't you leave her alone?!" It is also often shown by explaining people's actions; "his face went tight and his hands clenched on his knife and fork". He never explains exactly how he thinks people feel by saying so, which means to understand the story the reader must read between the lines. "Superman and Paula Browns New Snowsuit" is a much more straight forward story to read and understand. ...read more.


In "Chemistry" this is not so, as the narrator sees the invisible line at the beginning and at the end, but it is only at the end that we realise what the line means, it is the line of life and death which connects Grandfather to the narrator and his mother. I think that the feelings of betrayal in "Chemistry" are less obvious to the reader than they are in "Superman and Paula Browns New Snowsuit". They are very contrasting stories, by the way in which they are written, Chemistry is much more factual whereas the other is more opinionated and uses much more metaphors and similes. The style of "Chemistry" is such that it always seems to keep to the point, and when there are sometimes long descriptions about things which do not seem t first important, there always seems to be a hidden meaning behind them, for example the door to the shed which symbolised a "step out" or half way out of life for Grandfather. In "Superman and Paula Browns New Snowsuit" there are a lot of things which do not have much significance to the story, and which add more detail to just set the scene; "he taught me some ju-jitsu in the living room until mother called us for supper". They have some similarities, they are both about relationships between family, and about their childhoods. They are also about changes in their lives and in the way they look at life. 1 ...read more.

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