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"In the Darkness out there" Lively also uses language to make Packers End seem bedraggled, filthy, overgrown and unpleasant by using words to depict a squalid image

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A02 Details which foreshadow Mrs Rutterâs revelation Use of contrast, e.g. presentation of Mrs Rutter compared with what she had done Description of the young peopleâs fears about Packerâs End Use of dialogue When The Wasps Drowned: description of the calm way the children respond to discovering the body and their actions after this Anil: how Noor builds up a sense of fear leading to the hanging 'the Darkness out there'. it is about two young people who go to help an old lady but leave shocked after several chilling revelations. The children are members of a neighbourhood help club that around the neighbourhood doing menial jobs for old people. The significance of the title and the ambiguity of the title is that literally ''the darkness'' can mean the darkness of Packers End but metaphorically it could refer to evil of Mrs. Rutter. To aid this theme of ambiguity ''out there'' is used as it is unspecified and could literally mean out there in the world or metaphorically inside everyone's mind. ...read more.


Thus making the reader want to read on. She further adds tension by using long descriptive sentences e.g. "Crumbling, rusty scraps of metal and cloth and...bones ?" This is used By Penelope Lively to further prolong the audiences anxiety. We then notice the way Mrs. Rutter?s character is portrayed through her environment, both historically and geographically. The house is introduced sending out two different messages. One is that of a quaint homely place. This can be recognized through the descriptions of the china ornaments, ?big-eyed flop-eared rabbits and beribboned kittens and flowery milkmaids and a pair of naked chubby children wearing daisy chains?. Firstly, this gives the impression of a cuddly ?grandmother? figure, but then the picture is broken with the mention of the ?smell of cabbage?. This comment conflicts with the otherwise friendly scene to suggest something is not rite. The house reflects Mrs. Rutter?s character. An example of this is ?her eyes investigated, quick as mice?. Later, the house mirrors this comment by the author describing that it ?smelt of damp and mouse?, As we can see she is not like other sterotypes and is quite secretive. ...read more.


One reason why she does this may be because she has no children of her own, so she goes on stereotypical ideas. She also makes the reader feel uneasy, ?Mind your pretty skirt, pull it up a bit, there?s only me to see if you?re showing a bit of bum.? This provokes the thought that she has a slightly warped mind, also not something you expect from an elderly woman. Mrs. Rutter is bitter and resentful because of the death of her husband. She delights in the German?s death, ?I thought, oh no, you had this coming to you, mate, there?s a war on.? She seems surprised when Kerry and Sandra suddenly get up to leave, disgusted with her tale. She has no remorse and doesn?t realize there was anything wrong with what she did, her conscience still not activated all these years later. As a whole this has been an unpleasent experience for both Sandra and kerry who are disgusted at the time, and realise their is more than darkness in the world. From this sandra learns that the world isn?t all a daydream and as innocent as she thought, and that the darkness was not in the woods. ...read more.

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